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Who Was Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead’s Son Matthew Whitehead? A mother has been charged with first-degree murder.

Ruth DiRienzo

Ruth DiRienzo-Whitehead, a woman from Pennsylvania, is accused of using a belt to strangle her 11-year-old son Matthew Whitehead to death. With first-degree murder, the 50-year-old is charged. The mother, accused of killing her son, because she didn’t want her son seeing the family struggle with money. The incident was reported by Matthew Whitehead’s father on Tuesday morning after he discovered his son had died.

Who Was Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead Son Matthew Whitehead


Who Was Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead, Son Matthew Whitehead?

Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead, Matthew Whitehead’s mother, is suspected of strangling her son to death with a belt. Tuesday morning, the young child’s body was discovered. His mother told investigators that she had contracted her 11-year-old son. Mrs Dot Whitehead added that her son cried nonstop all day due to the family’s financial problems. Having spent the previous night with his mother, Matthew’s father discovered him dead in the main bedroom. The shocked father contacted the police right away. The prosecution claims that the father found the bedroom locked, his wife missing, and their SUV unaccounted for. Where the husband of Ruth DiRienzo-Whitehead slept before making the horrible discovery is unknown.

Further information was provided by the prosecution, who claimed that after killing her child, DiRienzo-Whitehead fled the house and drove 120 miles to Cape May, New Jersey, where she allegedly slammed her SUV into the ocean. Later in the same car, the belt used to kill Matthew Whitehead was found. The alleged criminal was discovered walking down the street by one of the police officers. She appeared messy and bewildered and was reportedly dressed in torn pyjamas. I know what I did, Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead allegedly stated in an affidavit. It’s unknown if DiRienzo-Whitehead has a legal representative to stand up for her. The court files didn’t contain one.

First-degree murder charges have been brought against Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead:

First and third-degree murder are the charges brought against Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead. Having a weapon used in a crime is another accusation levelled against her. After the autopsy revealed that the young boy, Matthew Whitehead, had been strangled to death, she was charged. In Cape May, authorities are holding the alleged murderer. According to the prosecution, she would be brought back to Montgomery County for arraignment. The young victim’s father’s name has not yet been made public.

The Cape May Police, Wildwood Crest Police, and Cape May Prosecutor Jeffrey Sutherland’s Office were all helpful in locating the mother who killed her child and with other aspects of this investigation, according to Montgomery County DA Kevin Steele. To hold the defendant accountable for the horrific killing of this child, their quick response and assistance with the investigation will be essential. It’s awful to think that the world has lost a rough gem. Justice is the last thing we can do for the victim. In the upcoming days, hopefully, it will be completed quickly.

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