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Who Are Victims Of Orlando Shooting? The Culprit Of Orlando Shooting Also Passed Away

Orlando Shooting
Orlando Shooting; image credit- Fox News

More information concerning the Easter Sunday massacre in Orlando because of which three people passed away, including two children, was made public by Florida authorities on Wednesday.

Tamar Daley

Tamar Daley; image credit- Fox News

Victims Of  Orlando Shooting

Maybe On Sunday morning while she was outside with friends, Lacorvis Tamar Daley allegedly got into a phone fight with his girlfriend. According to reports, her live-in boyfriend Daley threatened to hurt her mother if she didn’t go home. At 2:18 a.m., the girlfriend’s mom Carole Fulmore sent her a panicked text. As Orlando police arrived at the house, they saw Daley standing outside. Daley started shooting at the police, who then shot at him and caused his mishap. Together with Damionna Reed, 13, the corpses of Cameron Bouie, 7, & Fulmore, 69, were also discovered by police. At the scene, Fulmore, as well as Reed, were pronounced deceased. Bouie was taken urgently to a health center, where he passed away.

Statement Of Orlando Police Department On Orlando Shooting

A representative from the Orlando Police Department indicated during a press briefing on Wednesday that witnesses who were questioned claimed that Daley had recently been acting strangely and had developed paranoia, believing that people were plotting to harm him. Daley was previously arrested for domestic abuse and battery and was a four-time criminal, according to the police. The incident is still being looked into by Orlando police.

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