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What Is The Recent Legal Issue Donald Trump Is Facing? Donald Trump Reaches To Manhattan For Deposition Of Fraud Lawsuit

Donald Trump
Donald Trump; image credit- The New York Times

Donald Trump, a former president of the United States, announced on Thursday that he has landed in Manhattan for testimony before Letitia James, the attorney general of New York.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump; image credit- Fox News

Legal Issues Of Donald Trump

James initiated a civil action for fraud against Trump including his 3 adult children in Manhattan’s state court last September, alleging that they inflated the worth of real estate to qualify for loans and tax advantages. Once she filed that action, Trump also sued James. Trump asked the court in March to extend the case’s deadline by six months, stating that doing so would give him more time to analyze the “staggering” amount of evidence, which included millions of pages of papers, and interview dozens of witnesses. Trump was also charged by Manhattan County prosecutor Alvin Bragg’s office this month. Trump is running for re-election in 2024. He was accused of orchestrating payments to two women before the 2016 election to obstruct the publishing of their sex acts with him, leading to 34 felony counts of fabricating company records against him.

Donald Trump Sues His Former Lawer Michael Cohen

On Wednesday, Donald Trump issued a lawsuit against Michael Cohen, his former personal attorney, and fixer, who is expected to be a main witness in the criminal trial the former US president is currently facing in New York. Cohen is being sued for $500 million in a US District Court in Florida for allegedly violating attorney-client privileges as well as a confidentiality agreement. The jury that finally indicted Trump heard testimony from witnesses including Cohen, making him the very first US president, past or present, to be charged with a crime. He is accused of fabricating company documents on 34 felony counts in association with a bribe money transaction to adult star Stormy Daniels. Cohen claims that he set up the $130,000 money in exchange for Daniels’ silence on an alleged tryst she allegedly had with Trump in 2006. On April 4, Trump entered a not-guilty plea to the allegations in a Manhattan court. Trump claims that Cohen “spread falsehoods” about him in his lawsuit and that this caused him “massive reputational harm.”

All About Donald Trump

On June 14, 1946, Donald Trump was conceived. Ivana Zelnkov√°, a Czech model, was married to Trump. Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. were their three children. In 1988, Ivana formally became a citizen of the US. Following Trump’s romance with actress Marla Maples, the couple was divorced in 1990. 1993 saw the union of Trump and Maples, and 1999 saw their divorce. Tiffany, their only child, was reared by Marla in California. Trump wed Slovenian beauty Melania Knauss in 2005. Barron is their lone son. As Trump joined Twitter in 2009, his social media presence gained interest from all over the world. He tweeted often both during the 2016 presidential campaign and while he was in office, up until the days before Twitter banned him. Over twelve years, Trump published almost 57,000 tweets, frequently eluding the media and using Twitter as a direct line of connection with the public. Trump’s tweets, according to a White House press secretary in June 2017, were official presidential declarations. Trump frequently used Twitter to announce the resignation of cabinet members and administration employees.

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