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The 22-year-old Amaya Chenot was tragically killed after being hit by a tow truck in Fresno

Amaya Chenot
Source: KMPH

Amaya Chenot, a 22-year-old from Fresno, California, died in a tragic accident. On Wednesday, a deadly tow truck collision happened in the middle of a northeast Fresno intersection. Let’s check out all the details about this incident; keep reading.

Amaya Chenot: What Happened in Deadly Collison:

Amaya Chenot

Source: Facebook

On a Wednesday morning, at Friant & Shepard Road, a tow truck crossing the red light at a very high speed collided in the middle of the intersection. The woman killed in the accident was identified as Amaya Chenot, 22 years old Fresno Native.

The accident happened very early on Wednesday morning, and the Collison happened at the intersection point of Shepherd Avenue and Friant Road. A tow truck came from north at Friant, and then he crossed the red light and collided with the car. At the time of colliding, the car was turning left. 

Police arrived after the collision and tried to rescue Chenot, but she was pronounced dead at the point of collision. While on another side the truck driver was unharmed in this deadly collision.

Tow truck collision: Viral video

Amaya Chenot was killed in the collision, and the video is out now. The video footage is captured by a nearby house CCTV Camera. The video clearly shows that a tow truck crossed the red light at a very high speed and collided with Amaya’s car. 

House owner Daniel Wells talked about the frequent collisions that happened in his region, so eventually installed the camera. Daniel lives near the junction and said, “Almost weekly, there’s always red light runners”.

Amaya Chenot

Source: Facebook

Still, there are no charges filed against the truck driver. According to the law, he might be charged with vehicular homicide pending the outcome of their investigation. 

Friends paying tributes on social media

Wendy Kersting Didrickson

I’m struggling for words. I had the privilege of working with this sweet, sassy, funny and hard-working young lady. She was there to listen when I lost Bret, always willing to do anything I asked of her, and I’m so so proud to call her my friend. Amaya Chenot, you will forever be remembered and missed by so many❤️

Angelina McBride

Such a beautiful soul

Will never forget your bright smile Amaya Chenot

Rest in paradise

Mary Briggs

Oh no why does such a lost happen. I’m so sorry. What can I do to help. I’m gonna pray. If I can do anything else please just ask. I just retired yesterday. I’m available

Paula Annette Martinez

Im soo sad about this 💔😭😭there are no words. Feels so unreal. I love maymay. And I’m so so sad for what her family is going through. I’m so thankful I got to know her and enjoy her and her beautiful energy. Prayers for anyone grieving her absence. 

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