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Kerry Bodney: A Mother Passed Away Tragically In A Car Crash 

Kerry Bodney
Source: CNN

After learning that Robert Bodney’s mother was a victim of a terrible traffic accident, tragedy struck a Perth family for the second time. Let’s examine Kerry Bodney’s situation in more detail.

How Did Kerry Bodney Passed Away?

The driver of the vehicle, Kerry Bodney, 31, was confirmed as the victim of the Wednesday morning collision in Balga, northern Perth, which also injured four other passengers. Robert, a two-year-old boy, was slain by his mother Ms. Bodney’s former partner in 2012. The car accident that occurred on Wednesday morning in Balga, northern Perth, claimed the life of Robert Bodney’s mother. In a BMW that reportedly ran a red light and struck another vehicle, Kerry Bodney was a passenger. The alleged driver, Jahleel Delaine Berryman, is currently charged with manslaughter. Kerry Bodney passed away in the hospital on Wednesday morning following a car accident in Balga, Northern Perth. Bodney allegedly ran a red light as a passenger in a black BMW sedan travelling east on Beach Rd, according to police. Bodney was badly injured when the BMW collided with a southbound car on Mirrabooka Ave. around 11.35 a.m.

She Passed Away In The Way To the Hospital

She was rushed right away to the hospital for emergency care, where she later passed tragically. According to reports, the driver of the BMW fled the scene before being apprehended in Mirrabooka and sent to the hospital.

Kerry Bodney

Source: CNN

Manslaughter, failing to stop and seek help after an incident that ended in death, and failing to report an incident that resulted in death are all charges against the 27-year-old. His court appearance is on Thursday. At the intersection of Mirrabooka Avenue and Beach Road, the BMW allegedly ran a red light and collided with another car, according to the police. Mother of Robert Bodney who was killed: The tragedy happened just over ten years after Bodney’s ex-partner, Wayne Narkle, killed her two-year-old son, Robert. In 2014, the Supreme Court of Western Australia sentenced Narkle to life in prison after he admitted to killing Robert Bodney in a Bassendean house in December 2012.

Culprit Sentenced For 15 Years Of Prison

Wayne Murray Narkle was sentenced to at least 15 years in prison in 2014. The young father was driving “like a maniac” before the collision that killed his infant son. Bodney’s “loving, beautiful person” was how his family and friends described him on social media. My dear, rest in heaven. My sister, you be with your baby boy right now,” wrote Kayla Woods. Several rescue teams were sent to the area on Wednesday. A 40-year-old guy was transported to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital while suffering from serious injuries. A woman in her 50s, two men in their 80s, and two males in their 20s were also sent to the Joondalup Health Campus with non-life-threatening injuries.

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