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Clive Owen Admits His Bad Behaviour Lead to Divorce With His Wife

Clive Owen Admits His Bad Behaviour
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Clive Owen has admitted to bad behaviour, arguments, and drinking, and he has accepted full responsibility for his breakup with Amanda Owen, star of Our Yorkshire Farm.

Clive Admits His Fault For the Divorce

Clive Owen has assumed full fault for his split from Amanda Owen, confessing to flying off the handle and drinking. The Our Yorkshire Ranch stars affirmed their split last year, with it as of late being accounted for that Amanda has now continued with money manager Robert Davies, who she has known for a considerable length of time. Amanda was harshly warned by Robert’s fourth wife, who described him as “charming but ruthless” and claimed that he was obsessed with fame and fortune.

Clive Owen Admits His Bad Behaviour

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Clive, Amanda’s estranged husband, made an appearance today on Lorraine on ITV. There, he talked to stand-in host Christine Lampard about his breakup with Amanda and blamed himself completely for everything that happened. On the ITV show, he said that because he didn’t use social media to express his opinion, he thought that it was appropriate to do so at this difficult time for Amanda. He added that they shot the show “Our Yorkshire Farm,” and people loved it, and it also gave both of them a chance to make something together as a family. Clive also admitted that her ex-wife Amanda was motivated by that, and although it was amazing and very successful, his way of handling it was very poor.

After hearing the news, 72-year-old Jan Coates, Robert’s fourth wife, warned Amanda, saying that he was extremely enchanting yet he was additionally exceptionally merciless in the manner he treats individuals. She added that she believed he easily gets bored and that she could see what has taken place. Jan also said that Clive enjoys fortune and fame and when a person is in love, they don’t want to know. Warning Amanda, she added that she would simply agree to be exceptionally cautious and contemplate your youngsters.

What More Did Clive Say About His Divorce With Amanda

Speaking about the divorce, Clive told that the divorce was such a radical shift in both of their lives, and he regrettably ruined everything. He went on to say that he had a good part to play in the relationship finishing, in f, act a very “huge” part to play. He told that he continued drinking while ranting and raving, and also he was not sure, maybe jealousy. Clive blamed his actions and said that he handled it poorly and acted badly towards his ex-wife, Amanda as it appeared to eat away at him. He stated that the divorce has been extremely upsetting for Amanda, and she is currently going through a difficult time.

Talking more about it, he said that he should have been supportive towards her and he just felt like he couldn’t relax. Speaking of his ex-wife, Clive admitted that she is an extraordinary woman, and he had to defend her. Clive also told that they just reached the point where they were no longer able to be together with each other.

Amanda and Clive Got Divorced Mutually

In a joint statement that was issued last year, Amanda and Clive confirmed their breakup. Informing their fans about the divorce, they stated that they regret to confirm that they had made the difficult decision to separate. The couple went on to say that this had not been an easy decision for them, but they both thought that it was the best decision for their family’s future.

Clive Owen Admits His Bad Behaviour

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They informed the fans that their number one priority was the happiness and well-being of their children, and although they are no longer a couple, they continued to work on the farm and co-parent for their children. Although they have yet to publicly confirm or deny a rumoured romance, Amanda is said to be with a new man and is thought to be “inseparable” from one another. Five years have passed since the two of them first met. The Sun was informed by a source that Robert and Amanda have known each other for a long time, long before she split up. Presently he voyages wherever with her and they’ve become indistinguishable.

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