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The body of the missing Queensland woman, Lesley Trotter found

The body of the missing Queensland woman, Lesley Trotter found
Image Source - 7 News

Queensland woman Lesley Trotter, who went missing on March 27 from her home, was recently found after her body was discovered in a wheelie bin near her home.

Lesley Trotter went missing on March 27, 2023

She last spoke to her family on March 27, just before she vanished. The police started a large-scale search after the missing report was made. There were more than 130 volunteers from the State Emergency Service and the police involved.

Her family members reported her missing after they spoke with her the previous day but could not find her the following day when they visited her.

But even after a thorough search, she could not be located. Until April 7, she was considered missing, but the investigations have compelled the investigators to conclude that she might be deceased.

The body of the missing Queensland woman, Lesley Trotter found

Image Source – The Irish Sun

Detectives confirm her to be dead.

Detectives believe that her death might have occurred around March 27 midnight and midday on March 28. The detectives say that it is a very sad and traumatic story for the family.

According to Andrew Massingham, they don’t have any suspects, but they can’t rule out foul play. Additionally, he said that her body’s placement indicated her demise.

More than 40 investigators are still investigating Lesley Trotter’s apartment and neighbouring area.

According to police, her body was dumped outside her home in a wheelie bin.

The police now believe that Lesley Trotter’s body was dumped in a wheelie bin, collected by local workers and compacted in a rubbish pit.

The police claim that there is compelling evidence that her body was in the trash can near her Toowong, Maryvale Street residence when it was picked up on Tuesday, March 28.

He said that the rubbish truck had gone to the Nudgee transfer station, weather rubbish was dropped into the pit, along with several other rubbish bags dropped by 22 other truth that visited the site.

All the loads from that side were then compressed and taken away from the facility to the 6 semi-trailers, which were then taken to dump sites in both Rochedale and Swanbank.

The location of all the rubbish bags where her body may be found have now been quarantined, and an extensive search of both sites is being done to recover her remains. Police are also investigating the neighbours, who they believe might have been involved since she was very well known, which might have caused some angst.

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