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Police report 1 dead, 3 injured in DC funeral home shooting

DC funeral
Source: The Washington Post

A shooting incident happened on Tuesday at a funeral home in Northeast D.C. According to the police, one man was killed in the shooting, while three others were injured.

Source: The New York Times

Robert Contee, Metropolitan Police Department addressed the media and said a funeral ceremony had just ended for a homicide victim at Stewart Funeral Home in the 4400 block of Benning Road NE; at that time, someone entered the place and started shooting.

A nearby officer heard the sound of gunfire, and when he reached the spot, he found four people being shot, said the Contee. One person died at the scene, while three others suffered from not life-threatening injuries, as told by police.

At the time of the shooting, too many people stood in the block, but police still did not find the reason behind the shooting. Still, police don’t know about the suspect and the investigators are trying to talk with the witnesses.

Contee said “brazen” about this incident “It’s unfortunate that someone would be so brazen to do such an act, let alone at a funeral. How low can you be of a human being to target other people at a funeral?”

DC funeral

Source: Newsweek

24-year-old Stephan Carroll died in this tragic incident, and the officer who responded just after the shooting was stationed nearby the funeral place, said Contee.

The furious reaction of the public:

Connie Key Bullock

Every day now and sometimes more than once a day. Please pass sensible gun legislation! Stop selling weapons of war to civilians.

Frank Woo

Unfortunately, this is becoming all too familiar. Republicans in Congress and state legislatures continue to do nothing in hopes we’ll all be numb to it and we will all move on. Not gonna happen!

Gerry Scott-Moore

The only thing that will protect people from a bad guy with a gun, is a socialist government with a law. Failing that, living our lives in Kevlar.
It is convenient when a mass killer injures people near a hospital or kills them near a funeral home, crypt or morgue. That was thoughtful.

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