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One Piece Chapter 1080 Spoilers And Assumptions

One Piece
Source: ABC news

One Piece Chapter 1080 will be released on April 10th, 2023. After the Blackbeard Pirates showed up in the adjacent seas, viewers are interested in seeing how the events on Egghead Island would play out. Except for her, Dr. Vegapunk, and the Cipher Pol agents, York gave the Seraphim orders to kill everyone else in the previous chapter. There are spoilers for the future chapter already accessible, and between Wednesday, April 5, and Thursday, April 6, raw scans and summaries will be made public.

The last episode featured several unexpected plot twists, including the admission that York had given the Seraphim the order to kill everyone but her, Dr. Vegapunk, and the Cipher Pol agents. The Blackbeard Pirates’ ships sailing towards Egghead Island were also depicted in the chapter.

Battle Between Shanks And Blackbeard

One of the Blackbeard ships was seen sailing towards Egghead Island in the last episode. If Blackbeard was on board, One Piece Chapter 1080 might feature a confrontation. Many fans will want to see Luffy and Blackbeard square off. However, when Shanks begs Kid for any information on Blackbeard in chapter 1079, we witness him attempting to contact the pirate. Blackbeard was supposed to go to Wano, and the Red Hair Pirates were certain he would, but he didn’t.

Blackbeard v. Law: A Conclusion

After the Wano arc, we encountered Law, who, having vanquished Big Mom in Wano Country, had travelled the furthest north of the three captains of the Worst Generation. Therefore, compared to the other two, Law was one step closer to Lodestar Island. But as he traveled, he came upon Blackbeard, one of the four Emperors of the Sea, who was ready to fight and challenge him to his toughest conflict to date. When Blackbeard utilised his Black Vortex against Law in chapter 1064, they last engaged in combat. It might be revealed in One Piece Chapter 1080 how they fared and what happened to Law.

One Piece

Source: ABC news

Saturn’s Luffy Against Saint Jay Garcia

One Piece Chapter 1080 may potentially show Luffy battling Saint Jay Garcia Saturn, one of the five seniors. The Five Elders are the supremely strong celestial dragons and head the global government. Kizaru provides a hint in Chapter 1072 about a covert weapon that will help him stop the Straw Hats from departing Egghead Isle. Later, Jay Garcia Saturn, a Gorosei member, was introduced to us in Chapter 1073. Sitting on a battleship, he and Kizaru were discussing how horrible the state of the world was. To apprehend Vegapunk and the Straw Hats, they were moving towards Egghead.

The Ultimate Aim Of York’s Retaliation

It’s probable that York’s ultimate objective was to rise to prominence and power, and that she believed that becoming a heavenly dragon was the only way she could do this. She may have believed that joining the World Government and joining the governing elite was the only way to actually obtain power and respect as a former pirate. This would account for her willingness to turn on her former allies and kidnap them for the government.

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