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Louisville Shooting Live Coverage: AR-15 Purchased Lawfully, Death Toll Rises to 5

Louisville shooting live updates

Shooting at the Louisville Bank as a former varsity basketball player turned banker: In an incident that began this morning at a bank employee’s office in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, four individuals were murdered, and nine more were injured. According to authorities, the incident was broadcast live. The suspect was identified as a 23-year-old ex-employee of the Old National Bank who was there at the time of the shooting.

Louisville shooting live updates1

Latest on the Shooting at the Louisville Bank:

According to authorities, a bank employee in Louisville with a rifle opened fire at Kentucky’s governor’s office on Monday morning, killing five individuals, including a governor’s close friend. They went on to say that the gunman live-streamed the incident on Instagram. According to Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel, when officers arrived on the scene as shots were fired inside Old National Bank, they engaged the shooter in a gunfight. The city’s mayor, Craig Greenberg, called the attack “a horrific act of targeted cruelty.” Joshua Barrick, 40, Deana Eckert, 57, Juliana Farmer, 45, Thomas Elliott, 63, and James Tutt, 64, were identified as the victims by officials.

The killing came just two weeks after a former student at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, 160 miles to the south, massacred three children and three adults. The governor of that state and his wife were among those killed in the incident. The gunman, identified as Connor Sturgeon, 25, of Louisville, was allegedly live-streaming the crime. Sturgeon reportedly entered the bank and started shooting at approximately 8:30 a.m., according to the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Witnesses claimed they saw Sturgeon use a “long assault weapon” to fire six shots from the first floor of the bank building.

Based on the police chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel, who was live-streaming the assault on Instagram, officers shot and killed Sturgeon when he aimed his gun at them. CNN claims that Sturgeon threatened to shoot up the bank in a letter to his relatives and a friend after learning of his probable termination.

Rickey Readus, a Louisville citizen, told how staff members left and sought sanctuary at nearby businesses. When they heard shooting, others inside the bank said they raced for shelter in conference rooms and bathrooms. That was probably the safest place we could think of to hide, per the employee Tammy Madigan, who talked to the Daily Beast, “The toilets on our level demanded keycode entrance.” We entered the male bathroom, shut our phones and tried to keep quiet.

Officers cleared the area swiftly, per LMPD Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey, before confronting the shooter inside. He said that the shooter and the responding police engaged in gunfire. Nine people, including two police officers and seven civilians, got admitted to the University of Louisville Hospital due to the incident.

What was the Identity of Connor Sturgeon?

Sturgeon served as a bank’s summer intern for three years before transitioning to a full-time companionship and portfolio banker role in 2021 and last year.

Sturgeon received a master’s degree in finance from the University of Alabama in 2020. His father, Todd, was a well-known men’s basketball coach at the University of Indianapolis from 1992 to 2007, during which time the team made five NCAA tournament trips.

The father is a US history educator at Floyd Central High School in Indiana, which Sturgeon attended. According to a former classmate, Sturgeon was a multi-sport athlete who competed at the collegiate level in basketball, football, and track. Sturgeon always wore a helmet while playing football, according to a classmate who asked not to be identified. We all played football together in eighth grade. Due to severe concussions, he missed most of the season. “He had a couple more later on in high school.” In his junior year at Floyd Central High School, when he contributed more than half of the team’s points, Sturgeon was spotted wearing a helmet during a basketball game.

Sturgeon is known as “Mr Floyd Central,” according to a former buddy and teammate from Floyd Central High School in Floyds Knobs, Indiana. He said Sturgeon was intelligent, well-liked, and a top athlete in high school in basketball, football, and track. “I know everyone usually says this about shooters, but I would never have expected it to be him,” said the anonymous colleague. According to Sturgeon, he always wore a helmet during basketball games due to his history of concussions. We played football together in eighth grade, and he missed most of the first year of high school due to many concussions, which is the principal thing I keep bringing up.

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