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Is Usopp’s Hammer His Strongest Weapon In One Piece?

Usopp hammers
Source: tvguide

Usopp is the comedic relief and unquestionably the most cowardly member of the entire Straw Hat Pirates group in One Piece. Usopp’s cowardice may not have been a fair representation of his abilities, but the former certainly prevented us from seeing many of the latter.

The four hammers that we have seen belong to Usopp; they are an ordinary work hammer, a “5-Ton Hammer,” a “10-Ton Hammer,” and a “100-Ton Hammer.” However, neither of these hammers can be considered among his strongest weapons. His slingshots, especially the Kabuto and the Kuro Kabuto, are his strongest weapons, which makes sense given that he is a marksman.

Even Though Usopp Has Four Hammers, They Are Not His Most Effective Weapons

Usopp is a marksman and sniper who specialises in using long-range weaponry, however we have already spoken about how he never uses guns on Fiction Horizon. Apart from that, Usopp also has access to a wide variety of additional weapons that together make up a reasonably potent arsenal. Even so, it all makes sense given that Usopp’s greatest strength is lying. However, we won’t discuss that as a “weapon” in this article.

Usopp utilises the Usopp Pound, a dummy that he claims weighs five tonnes (a falsehood), as one of his weapons in his bouts with Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas, seemingly killing Mr. 4 with it.Two pans are used to make the weapon, which is made of a long staff. The hammer was further enhanced with a black overlay and fake lettering to complete the effect. The hammer only actually weighs two kilogrammes. He employs the upgraded Usopp Golden Pound move against Perona.

Usopp hammers

Source: tvguide

Like the Usopp Pound, the Usopp Golden Pound is merely a toy hammer. Although it appears to weigh ten tons, it is really merely a balloon used to intimidate Usopp’s opponents. Perona is likewise affected by this, and when combined with Hissatsu Gokiburi Boshi, she faints as a result of this assault.

Usopp’s Slingshots Are Hs Most Effective Weapons

However, Usopp does own a set of weaponry that he can employ successfully, namely his slingshots. Although there have been various variants, the Kabuto and the Kuro Kabuto are Usopp’s strongest weapons at this time.

Usopp initially uses the Kabuto catapault in Enie’s lobby while posing as a Sogeking. Usopp eventually utilises the weapon without his mask after re-joining the Mugiwara pirate gang. Kabuto has a longer holding rod than Usopp’s original catapault, which improves the weapon’s stability. The fork has changed to a circular shape with a top opening and five straps linked to it.

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