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In the early 1990s canal killings, Bryan Patrick Miller was found guilty

Bryan Patrick Miller

In an early 1900s case, Bryan Patrick Miller was found guilty. In the court hearing, he was convicted of murder and kidnapping around 30 years ago in the Valley canals. 

Bryan Patrick Miller

Source: KTAR News

In the verdict, he was charged with two counts of crime. Miller was arrested for attempted sexual assault, murder and kidnapping. This verdict arose after a long because Miller’s attorneys pleaded an insanity defence. 

He was found guilty of killing Angela Brosso and Melanie Bernas. In 1992, Miller killed Angela Brosso on the evening of her 22nd birthday. At the same time, he killed 17-year-old Melanie Bernas in September 1993. 

According to the official report, Bernas and Brosso both disappeared while riding their bicycles towards Arizona Canal in north Phoenix. As per the guess of the police, he knocked them from the bike and then stabbed and dragged them into a lonely place from the main road. 

Brasso’s dead body was found near the main road. While on the side, Berna’s body was found almost after ten months, floating in the canal, and still, Bernas bicycle was missing. 

After both crimes, Police collected the DNA evidence. Behalf of this DNA evidence, police find the link between the criminal activity. Eventually, in January 2015, Miller was arrested by the police on the charge of murder. 

The exciting thing happened that Miller denied his involvement in the case, but he accepted that he was living in the neighbourhood and drove his bike at the time of the killings. 

Because Miller was not found mentally competent to stand trial, this case took many years to the verdict. In the last hearing, which was held on Tuesday, he was convicted of the killing, and his sentencing date will be released later. 

Bryan Patrick Miller


Rachel Mitchell, Maricopa County Attorney, released a statement just after the verdict; it read:

“This verdict in the murders of Angela Brosso and Melanie Burnas took decades of work by law enforcement and prosecutors. After more than two decades of anguish, the families of these women now have someone held accountable for their heinous murders.”

Netizens’ reaction on this intriguing case:

Bettie Whipple

The brutality was unbelievable-I lived in Phoenix. It seemed reasonable that he lived in the vast apt house across from the canal! He could watch who went along there every day!

Lorrie Gingras

You can run but never hide! Good job!! I can’t even read it! He makes me sick to prey on young innocent girls ! let’s not makes this about the killer!

Those families need the love and attention

He can rot 🙏

Matt Crossley

Dude was a drug addict and mentally ill. If he was out and about today he probably would’ve said he was a woman trapped in a man’s body. That’s how mentally ill people cope nowadays.