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Here Is Why Akaza Won’t Kill Women In Demon Slayer

Akaza Won
Source: wizi

Muzan was in responsible of providing the demons who made up the group a sizable portion of his blood as a reward for adhering to his instructions. Akaza, an Upper-Rank Three Demon, was one of these creatures. In addition, despite Akaza’s desire to be the best and strongest fighter, who was unafraid to murder anyone who was in his way, he never killed a woman.

Even as a Demon, Akaza was permitted to refrain from harming or devouring females; he maintained this attribute from his former human existence out of respect for Koyuki, whom he cared for and loved dearly.

Akaza Outlook On His Past

The small boy struck the sword’s side, breaking it, as the rival dojo’s heir swung his blade at him in a fit of rage. The brilliance of this technique so impressed the other dojo members that they conceded defeat, expressed sorry for the heir’s rudeness, and then quietly left the Soryuu dojo. Two years later, Koyuki’s health had sufficiently improved for her to be able to stand and carry out housekeeping. As Hakuji continued to train in the Soryu style as a student of Keizo, the dojo expanded.


Source: wizi

The young guy was shocked and humiliated when Keizo one day proposed to Hakuji that he take control of the dojo and wed Koyuki. He bowed his head in agreement and pledged to protect them both even at the cost of his own life. He reiterated his love for her and promised to care for and protect her till his death when Koyuki disclosed his background to him at a festival and questioned whether the proposal still made sense. After learning of Hakuji and Koyuki’s marriage, the heir to the rival dojo gathered a group of furious disciples to challenge Hakuji. They were victorious briefly, but they were ultimately defeated.

When Muzan Kibutsuji learned of this tragedy, he decided to transform Hakuji into one of the Twelve Kizuki, a group of his most powerful Demons, while being upset to find that a human, not a demon, had committed such a horrific act. Since he had nothing to defend and no longer had any desire to live, Hakuji agreed and transformed into the demon Akaza.

Because Of Koyuki, Akaza Refrains From Killing Women

In the end, Akaza’s regard for women was prompted by his connection with Koyuki. As Hakuji, Akaza didn’t actually have as many women in his life, and Koyuki was not only the first significant woman in his life but also the most significant. When Koyuki passed away, his life fell apart because of how deeply he loved her. He was so damaged that he resignedly accepted becoming a Demon; he just didn’t care. Because of this, Akaza never expressed gratitude to Muzan; all he did was follow orders from him and show loyalty to him.

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