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Demon Slayer: Is Yoriichi Dead? Know Everything About Yoriichi’s Life

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Despite the fact that the series has given us a range of other intriguing characters, when discussing Demon Slayer, one typically talks about the demons or the demon slayers themselves. Given this information, it goes without saying that we will talk about Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the first and most potent Demon Slayer in history, who is one of the series’ more significant characters.

In Demon Slayer, Yoriichi Tsugikuni has truly passed away. He lived far into his 80s despite the fact that, as a bearer of the Demon Slayer Mark, he was expected to pass away at the age of 25. However, by the time he passed away, he had lost his vision. When Kokushibo, the Upper-Rank One, then known as Michikatsu, his older brother, confronted him.

Michikatsu And Yoriichi Had A Contentious Relationship

When Yoriichi and his identical twin brother Michikatsu were born into the Tsugikuni clan during the Sengoku period, twins were thought to be a particularly bad omen. Because of a strange marking on his son’s forehead, Yoriichi’s father threatened to kill him, but their mother Akeno snapped and imprisoned him. The connection between Michikatsu and his brother was exceedingly strained because of Michikatsu’s intense envy of him.

Yoriichi’s Sincere Grin


Source: otakucart

Yoriichi soon came into contact with Muzan Kibutsuji, the ancestral demon and mortal enemy of the Slayers, and decided to kill him. Muzan had five moving minds and seven moving hearts inside of him, according to Yoriichi.

He combined all of his forms into a single strike after realising his good fortune, cutting them all off and vastly outclassing Muzan. Muzan would eventually manage to escape, but the battle had profoundly traumatised her, and she was now scared of Yoriichi. Yoriichi would ultimately prove to be the Demon Slayer with the most might. Sumiyoshi, the friend and ancestor of Tanjiro Kamado, would receive his expertise.

Yoriichi was banished and alone for the remainder of his life after dying before he could kill his brother. Yoriichi lived far into his 80s despite being a bearer of the Demon Slayer Mark, which was intended to cause him to pass away at the age of 25. Yoriichi died as a result a fighter who had won. He nearly defeated Muzan but won. The strongest Demons in the series, Muzan and Kokushibo were both defeated by him when they came dangerously close to death. Then he passed away. And when Kokushibo learned that Yoriichi had a small wooden flute that Michikatsu had given him when they were young, it actually broke him. Kokushibo then charged towards his brother’s body and began beating it. He put an end to the desecration of the corpse, seized the flute, and vanished.

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