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Who is Lacorvis Tamar Daley? The suspect in the Orlando shooting has been identified

Lacorvis Tamar Daley
Source: Facebook

Lacorvis Tamar Daley, Identified as the suspect by the Orlando Police. Last Sunday, 28-year-old Lacorvis was shot dead in the Orlando Park Shooting. According to the police, the case was domestic violence that eventually resulted in the death of three people.

Lacorvis Tamar Daley

Source: Twitter

The incident happened at home near Avenue Park, Orlando, Florida, around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday. Victims have been identified as Cameron Bouie, 7-year-old, Damionna Reed, 13-year-old, and Carole Fulmore, 69. 

According to Orlando Police, they reached the incident location and heard the gunshot fired by the suspect, Lacorvis Tamar Daley. Police say the suspect; then he fired back at the officers. In response, they also fired on the Lacorvis. 

This shootout between the police and the suspect led him to be seriously injured, and later, in the hospital, he was declared dead. 

In the shootout: suspect Lacorvis Tamar Daley was killed

After receiving the call on the helpline for domestic violence, police reached the location in just three minutes, as told by Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith to the reporters. He talked about the situation after the homicide suspect left home. 

Orlando Police Chief further said, “The suspect walked out of the house, walked towards the officers, shot at the officers, the officers returned fire, and the suspect fell. We detained the suspect, who was later deceased.”

Lacorvis Tamar Daley

Source: Facebook

When police entered the house, they found three bodies wounded through gunshots. One of the shooting victims – a 7-year-old child was taken to hospital immediately, but he was pronounced dead there.

“We cleared the house, and in the house, we found three people who were shot. OPD itself transported a young child to the hospital who died upon arrival at the hospital. So we have three victims who came out of the house and the one suspect that we shot.” smith further described the incident. 

Buddy Dyer, Mayor of Orlando, also made a tweet about this incident and said:

“What a horrific, tragic situation. Sending support to the family members of the victims, as well as the officers, who were thankfully unharmed.”

According to the department policy, the officers involved in the shooting will be sent on paid leave. Body cam footage will be available in the upcoming 30 days, said to the Orlando Police. 

Orlando police said that another internal investigation also be conducted while, on the other side, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the State Attorney’s office will carry out their views on this tragic incident. 

Police are also searching from a different angel; they are exploring if the Daley had any criminal record, as said by Andrea Otero, Public Information Manager Andrea Otero. Otero told the police to search the previous record of the 911 calls that were made earlier for this address. 

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