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Macio Dorrington cause of death explained ? What happened with Halifax guitarist

Macio Dorrington
Source: Facebook

Macio Dorrinton, a famous Halifax guitarist Macio Dorrington died on April 10, 2023. In this article, we’ll learn more about Macio Dorrington and the cause of his death; keep reading. 

Macio Dorrington: what happened to him

Macio Dorrington

Source: Facebook

A famous guitarist from Halifax, Macio, died suddenly in sleep. His death was officially confirmed on April 10, 2023, through a social media post. He died at 39, leaving behind his loved ones, including his family and friends. 

The Fabulous Pontoona Brothers Confirmed the death news of Macio Dorrinton through this Facebook post :

“The Fabulous Pontoona Brothers are devastated at the sudden loss of our musical brother, mentor and friend. 

Macio Dorrington, aka Macio Bootytap, died suddenly in his sleep Saturday at age 39. Macio has been an integral part of our sound and development for the past two years, as well as playing for two decades with Mark, aka Apollo Pontoona, in various other music adventures.

His loss is immeasurable, and he is irreplaceable. We will collectively grieve while deciding our next steps for moving forward.  Macio always insisted the show must go on. In his spirit, we have decided to honour our April 22 show at Montes and dedicate it to Macio and his exceptional talent, friendship and loyalty.

The family will announce a proper celebration of Macio’s life in the coming days.

Fly high, Macio.

Silky Jr., Lincoln Continental, and Apollo Pontoona”

Macio Dorrinton: Cause of death

The tragic death of Macio Dorrington left his friends and family members in a state of shock. Macio was also known by his nickname, Macio Bootytap, who passed away unexpectedly on Saturday at 39. 

Macio Dorrington

Source: Facebook

The exact cause behind the death was not revealed yet. There is no sensitive information available about Macio Dorrington.

Macio Dorrington: Know more about Halifax guitarist

Macio was a member of The Fabulous Pontoona Brother musical group. This is a Canadian-based group, and its headquarters is in Nova Scotia. Macio was living in Nova Scotia, had been living for a long time, and had passed away here.

Dorrington grew up surrounded by music and quickly became enamoured with the guitar. He spent hours practising and honing his craft, eventually becoming one of the most sought-after guitarists in the city.

Dorrington first made a name for himself in the Halifax music scene while playing with various local bands and artists. He quickly gained a reputation as a talented and versatile guitarist, equally comfortable playing rock, blues, jazz, and even folk music. He was known for his precise playing and ability to add just the right amount of flair to a song.

Despite his success, Dorrington remained humble and grounded, prioritizing music above all else. He continued to play with other musicians and bands, collaborating with some of the best artists in the Halifax music scene. His passion for music was infectious, inspiring countless other musicians to pursue their dreams.

Today, Dorrington’s legacy lives on through his music and the countless musicians he inspired. His dedication to his craft and his love of music inspires others to pursue their dreams, and his contributions to the Halifax music scene will never be forgotten.

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