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Julian Figueroa: Cause of Death. Maribel Guardia discusses the circumstances behind her son’s death.

Julián Figueroa Cause of death

Julian Figueroa, the son of the musician Joan Sebastian and Maribel Guardia, passed away on April 9 at the age of 28. The singer’s body was dead in a home in Mexico City’s Pedregal, Alvaro Obregon neighbourhood.

Julián Figueroa


Julian Figueroa: Cause of Death

It is believed that Julian Figueroa suffered a heart attack and passed away. Julian Figueroa’s mother provided information about his passing via social media. He passed away from myocardial infarction and ventricular fibrillation, according to her. “I’m sorry to have to inform you of the passing of my adored son Julian Figueroa, who sadly left us on this planet before us. While I was at the theatre, he was discovered unconscious in his room tonight, she proclaimed.

He was already dead and there was no sign of violence when the ambulance and police arrived after they dialled 911. According to the medical report, ventricular fibrillation and an acute myocardial infarction caused his death”. Guardia pleaded for patience from the media because of the trying times her family’s trying times. “I wish I could speak to everyone trying to reach me, but I don’t feel strong enough to do it yet. I ask for everyone’s respect in consideration of our need for privacy and the difficult time we are going through, she said.

According to Julian’s mother, his funeral will be held privately. “I want to thank for the kind words of encouragement you have sent me. However, I must be in the right frame to respond to anyone now. We sincerely appreciate each person’s patience, Guardia said.

How many Kids did Maribel Guardia have?

Maribel Guardia, one of the most well-known and adored television stars in Mexico, has only ever given birth to Julian Figueroa, who was the product of her union with singer Joan Sebastian.

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