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2 Wisconsin police officers died in a tragic shooting at the traffic stop

2 Wisconsin police officers died in a tragic shooting at the traffic stop
Image Source - The Boston Globe

Two Wisconsin police officers and a suspect died in a shooting at a traffic stop on Saturday afternoon.

What happened?

According to reports, a Chetek police officer was conducting a traffic stop at around 3:35 PM in Cameron. During that time, gunfire was exchanged between the police officers and a driver. 

This exchange killed the Chetek and Cameron police officers, who were pronounced dead on the scene. The suspect was taken to the hospital, but the person succumbed to the injuries and died later. 

The law enforcement officials did not release any statement regarding the events which led up to the shooting. They also did not release a statement stating why a Chetek officer was at Cameron, about 9 miles northwest of Chetek.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is still investigating the incident and will submit a report to the County District Attorney when the investigation concludes. 

2 Wisconsin police officers died in a tragic shooting at the traffic stop

Image Source – The New York Times

Who were the 2 Wisconsin police officers?

The names of the 2 police officers’ names were not immediately released until this Monday. The state justice department officials released a statement stating the names of both police officers. 

32-year-old Emily Breidenbach of the Chetek Police Department and 23-year-old Hunter Scheel of the Cameron police department were the 2 police officers killed in the Wisconsin shooting. 

Emily Breidenbach has been with the Chetek police department since 2019 and handled the agency’s therapy dog, Officer Grizz.

Hunter Scheel, on the other hand, joined the department last year. Before this, he was a member of the Army National Guard for six years. 

The suspect was identified to be a 50-year-old man named Glenn Douglas Perry, who later died in the hospital after gaining multiple shot wounds. The police officers were looking for a way to stop Perry since he was wanted on a warrant and to check on his welfare.

Remembering the 2 police officers

The Baron County Sheriff’s Department has extended its heartfelt condolences to the family and the Cameron and Chetek Police departments. 

They were two of the hardest-working and most dedicated officers in the force, and their courage and commitment to protecting their community will not be forgotten.

They were a beacon of hope in their community and were always willing to go above and beyond to ensure the safety of their fellow citizens. Both were dedicated to their jobs and were well-respected by their peers.

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