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Why did Ashley Morrison commit suicide? The reason for the death of the youngest Old Cat Woman has been revealed.

Why did Ashley Morrison commit suicide

Ashley Morrison, the “Youngest Old Cat Lady” and a well-known foster parent and kitten rescuer from Seattle, Washington, has sadly passed away. Let’s look at Ashley Morrison’s situation in more detail.

Ashley Morrison


Why did Ashley Morrison commit suicide?

Ashley Morrison, the well-known kitten rescuer, committed suicide on Thursday, April 6, 2023, shocking her devoted family. In posts on social media, her cousin and friends acknowledged that she had passed away. The Seattle-based cat rescuer Ashley Morrison, who founded Ashley’s Kitten Academy, passed away today, according to a Facebook post on Sunday. Ashley’s father and she both had mental health problems. He died by suicide in 2015, and Ashley did the same on Thursday.

Ashley Morrison, who was she?

In the Los Angeles area, Ashley started fostering dogs in 2011. Since she hadn’t owned a cat since she was a young child, she had a mild cat phobia. As a result, she kept favouring dogs as pets. When she returned to her native Washington state in 2014 to finish her education, she also began volunteering at PAWS, the neighbourhood animal shelter. Her mother started walking dogs while she went to a training class for prospective foster parents. In 2016, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications. She realized she wanted to use her media savvy to share the happiness and love that these foster cats had given her. On her Instagram page, where she posts about her experience rescuing cats, she has 235K followers.

Cause of death for Ashley Morrison:

Due to her problematic mental health issues, Ashley Morrison killed herself. The sad news was confirmed by her mother on Instagram, who wrote: “The Youngest Old Cat Lady, Ashley Morrison- was an inspiration. She represented the good in the world. She sacrificed everything to save the cats and kittens in the Pacific Northwest. My heart is breaking today for everything she left behind, including her cats, Jack and Breezy. Pray for them, please. Without her, the world is less luminous. May Ashley rest in peace. We already miss you. She has faced difficulties that have gotten worse since her father’s death. She recently complained that she was finding it more and more difficult to handle things. She shared her final thoughts—that she can’t take things any longer—in her scheduled Instagram post. She drew up her suicide note in her final Instagram post. The issue of planned Instagram posts is currently being raised by many users who want them to be reviewed before going live. Before she passed away, Ashley had given her cousins their puppets. Her Instagram story mentioned it with the hashtag “Adoption Day.”.

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