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The disappearance of 78-year-old Lesley Trotter from her Toowong home

The disappearance of 78-year-old Lesley Trotter from her Toowong home
Image Source - 7 News

Lesley Trotter, 78, hasn’t been seen or heard from in two weeks and wasn’t in her Toowong home when police visited the scene.

Police have confirmed that a missing woman from Brisbane, who is presumed deceased, received complaints for stealing trash from neighbors’ wheelie bins and depositing it on the ground.

Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham claimed she generated “angst” among her neighbors because of her propensity to take objects out of the trash and put them in the recycling.

Her family visited her Toowong house the day after her last phone conversation with them on March 27, but she wasn’t there.

The disappearance of 78-year-old Lesley Trotter from her Toowong home

Image Source – Wealthy Peeps

Point Of View of Detectives

Lesley Trotter, 78, vanished on March 27 from her Toowong home, and detectives have been looking into whether her recycling practices may have contributed to her disappearance.

On Saturday, Superintendent Massingham stated that ‘Ms Trotter would routinely go to the wheelie bins out the front of her property or the adjoining properties and remove recycling garbage from general waste bins and transfer that into the correct bins’.

The method caused some people to be upset. In regards to the behavior, there had undoubtedly been some complaints, Massingham stated on Sunday.

Moving recyclables into recycling bins occasionally resulted in people’s rubbish being left on the road or outside the regular trash bin. This raised some concerns. Some people might become distressed by that.

Because they were away during Easter, Massingham said, police had yet to interview several neighbors. However, the investigator emphasized that the behavior was only “one part” of the inquiry.

Neighbors About The Incident

Homicide detectives are aiding the search for Trotter’s body, as police previously stated. Trotter’s disappearance is being treated as a sudden death inquiry. The reason they think she is dead has not been made known. Her death’s suspicious nature is still up for debate.

Over the long weekend, two crime scenes were set up at the woman’s unit and close to the apartment complex. Investigators on Friday also seized bins. 

Superintendent Massingham acknowledged on Sunday that blood had been discovered near the trash cans of a nearby apartment complex, but he added that the incident was still under forensic investigation.

Police believe Trotter passed away between midnight on March 27 and noon the following day. Unfortunately, we conducted inquiries yesterday afternoon and evening, and our findings eventually convinced us that Mrs Trotter had passed away.

Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham stated that although police had “not ruled out” a possible relationship between Ms. Trotter’s recycling habits and her death, they had not yet established that she was deceased.

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