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Senan O’Shaughnessy, Angel Evans’s Baby Son, was Who? Obituary And Death

Angel Evans Baby Son Senan O’Shaughnessy

Angel Evans discusses the tragedy of her baby, who died nine days after delivery. Learn more about Angel Evans’s kid. Angel is the daughter of David Howell Evans, well known as “The Edge,” the main guitarist for the music band U2.

Angel Evans Baby Son Senan O’Shaughnessy1

Senan O’Shaughnessy, Angel Evans’s Baby Son, was Who?

Evans had a son called Senan O’Shaughnessy in 2022, although she had not publicly talked about or discussed her feelings about him. Evans expressed her feelings about her baby, who died at nine days old after almost a year.

Losing her baby was difficult for Angel and her family, and she most likely suffered much. Evans had a daughter named Luna before having her son, Senan O’Shaughnessy. When Evans chose to talk about her newborn boy, she posted many information and images on her Instagram.

Morleigh, The Edge’s wife and Angel’s stepmother were there for Blue and her family during this trying time. Blue would understandably feel compelled to tell her son’s tale and celebrate his life even after his death. It is her way of honouring his memories and keeping his spirit alive. Her description of Senan as “completely wonderful in every aspect” demonstrates her great love and connection to her kid. Several of her fans have sent good words and prayers for her in the comments section.

Death and Obituary for Senan O’Shaughnessy:

Senan died on July 21, 2020, just nine days after his birth, from neuroblastoma, a rare type of juvenile cancer. An actual knot in his chord was noticed when he was born two weeks early, so he suffered severe brain damage and could not live independently.

Angle’s infant boy died after spending eight nights in the NICU at the LauraLynn Hospice for Children. He died softly, she said, laying in her breast, warm and lovely.

According to Angle, he was 20.5 inches tall, 8 pounds, and quite muscular. He was gorgeous in every way, and I am dying to hold him again. She remarked, “We shall always miss him. He brought and still brings so much love into our lives.” His eight-month anniversary is today.

Angle’s post on her son’s death drew much attention, and many people reacted. The camp was a very personal and emotional statement of loss. Many understandably wish to express their support and sympathies to Blue and her family during this difficult time. “Well, Bubu, you are courageous and powerful,” her sister remarked. I adore you and miss Senan with every fibre of my being. Xx”

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