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Hannibal Lecter-inspired student Kajetan Poznanski chopped off his teacher’s head and planned to eat her.

Hannibal Lecter-inspired student Kajetan Poznanski chopped off his teacher's head and planned to eat her.
Image Source - Opoyi

The fictional character, Hannibal Lecter-obsessed murder convict Kajetan Poznanski, is now appealing his court order after being sentenced to life in prison. 

What did Kajetan Poznanski do?

The crime of the Hannibal Lecter-inspired student, husband, committed labored as one of the worst murders in Poland’s history. He claimed that he had gone to his lecturer’s home to learn Italian, but after he arrived at her house, something took over him, and he took out a knife and slaughtered Katarzyna Jaroszynka. 

The victim’s body was then stuffed into a suitcase after he had dismembered it. He then hauled a taxi and, when asked about the suitcase, said it was a wild boar.

He intended to consume the body but to cover up his crime; he instead set his home on fire. But unfortunately for him, the firefighters soon arrived and found body parts all over the place, along with the victim’s head, in the suitcase.

Hannibal Lecter-inspired student Kajetan Poznanski chopped off his teacher's head and planned to eat her.

Image Source – Wyborcza

Court hearing held for Kajetan Poznanski  

The crime that sent a shock wave among the people of Poland, Kajetan Poznanski, was sentenced to life in prison after being arrested and extradited from Malta in February 2016. 

Following the murder, 2 weeks after the crime, he was detained outside the city gate in Valletta. The trial was held behind closed doors in a special courtroom, where he was sentenced to life in prison on charges of killing, dismembering, and burning the victim’s body.

He was also charged a fine of €16,500 in interest to the parents of the victim he murdered. He was transferred from a detention centre to a psychiatric ward in the northwestern Polish city of Poznan. 

He was given a life sentence in jail despite a ruling in 2021 that he had limited sanity. The judge instead found the murder was planned and calculated.

The lawyers of Kajetan Poznanski are now appealing his life sentence after he was given the court order of life in prison. 

Kajetan claimed to have done so to prove that a “human life was worth more than a pig or a fly.”

Kajetan was said to have a borderline obsessive fondness towards the fictional character Hannibal Lecter, a character in the Silence of the Lambs, portrayed by Anthony Hopkins. 

He was said to have undergone an intense psychiatric examination by several psychiatrists, who examined his mental state before standing on trial. In the first test he went by, the psychiatric experts found him completely insane. 

During his first hearing, he claimed that his professor was a random victim with whom he was unfamiliar. He said he had killed her as an element of self-improvement and did not express remorse. 

He also stated that he intended to determine whether a human life was more valuable than that of a pig or a mosquito. 

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