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Who is Tahj Brewton? Two teens have been arrested in the murders of three teenagers in Marion County.

Tahj Brewton

Robert Robinson, 17, and a 12-year-old boy were detained in connection with the crime and will face first-degree murder charges, according to Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods. Teenager Tahj Brewton, a third suspect, is still at large.

Who is Tahj Brewton


Who is Tahj Brewton?

The police detained 17-year-old Robert Robinson. Tahj Brewton, 16, is sought after. A 12-year-old suspect was also detained, but WESH will not display his mugshot due to his age. According to the sheriff, they developed the necessary information to make two arrests and are now prepared to make a third. Additionally, the sheriff claimed that the murder resulted from a betrayal among young people. They killed a person mindlessly. They should be subject to the full force of the law, Woods said. Mom from Polk County wins $2 million in the lottery one day after her daughter beats cancer. Investigators were able to confirm that the juveniles in question had committed robberies and break-ins, according to Woods.

Robinson is in custody and facing a murder charge:

Woods declared that thieves lack honour. Brewton is also charged with murder but has not yet been apprehended. The U. S. Marshals, the Florida Sheriff’s Association, and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office have joined forces to offer a $10,000 reward for information that results in the 16-year-old’s capture. These three people eventually turned against our three victims; Woods claimed and killed them.

All three victims were underage:

In Silvernail’s car, 16-year-old Layla Silvernail and another 16-year-old girl were shot, while a 17-year-old boy was discovered abandoned on a roadside close to Ocklawaha. Woods said that although there was “nothing specific to say that it was any rivalry,” every single one of them somehow connected to a gang. The sheriff’s office staff converged on a residence late on Thursday just a few blocks from the location of Silvernail’s car, where a body was discovered inside on April 1, making it the third body discovered in two days. According to the sheriff, all were shot simultaneously at the scene where Silvernail was found. Woods said, “I already told you about the witness who heard the gunshots, which is when all three were killed. The witness “heard four or five loud pops,” the arrest affidavit stated. Several images, including one in which those allegedly involved,” were discovered when phones recovered during the week-long investigation were checked. “.

Currently, two suspects are in custody:

The sheriff mentioned the impact on all involved families. I had to look into two mothers’ eyes last night. Woods stated, “It’s not their fault. The sheriff hinted that the suspects might have worked together to commit a crime. Woods asked, “Do I have to explain it to you? What do you think they were doing?”. “They are gangs because they commit crimes. “At some point in what the sheriff called a robbery, the young suspects turned on the three victims. “These three people turned on our victims and killed them. According to Woods, they left a lot of evidence behind as they fled the scene.

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