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Who is Ewan McGregor’s wife now? Are Ewan and Mary still together?

Ewan McGregor Wife
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Ewan McGregor is a well-known Scottish actor. Ewan McGregor will be seen in the “You Sing Loud, I Sing Louder” upcoming film. He is famous for his work and role in the Fargo, Scarlet and Black, and Halston series.

Where was Ewan McGregor born?

Ewan McGregor’s full name is Ewan Gordon McGregor. Ewan McGregor’s age is 52 years. Ewan McGregor’s date of birth is 31 March 1971. Ewan McGregor was born to Carol Diane and James Charles Stewart “Jim” McGregor in Perth Royal Infirmary, Perth, United Kingdom.

Ewan McGregor’s height is 1.77 m. Ewan McGregor has a brother, whose name is Colin McGregor. Ewan McGregor did his studies at Morrison’s Academy, Kirkcaldy College of Technology, and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Ewan McGregor Age

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Who is Ewan McGregor wife now?

Ewan McGregor is a married man. Ewan McGregor wife is Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She is also a popular American actress.

Ewan McGregor started a new relationship with Mary Elizabeth Winstead in May 2017. Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead met on the set of “Fargo”.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead gave birth to Ewan McGregor’s child Laurie McGregor in June 2021. A year later, in April 2022, Mary and Evan got married.

Yes, Ewan and Mary are still together.

Who is Ewan McGregor ex-wife?

Ewan McGregor married twice. Eve Mavrakis is the first wife of Ewan McGregor. He is a renowned French-Greek Jewish production designer.

Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis met on the set of Kavanagh QC in 1995. In the same year, the couple got married. Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis have four daughters—Clara Mathilde McGregor, Jamiaan McGregor, Esther Rose McGregor and Anouk McGregor, with Jim adopting two daughters.

Evan and Eve split on January 19, 2018. Two years later, on 13 August 2020, the couple got divorced.

Ewan McGregor Movies and TV Shows

In 1994, Ewan McGregor made his film debut with the “Being Human” film.

In 1993, Ewan McGregor made his television debut with the “Lipstick on Your Collar” series.

In 2022, Ewan McGregor appeared in the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” television series.

In 1998, Ewan McGregor made his stage debut with the “Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs” theatre play.

Ewan McGregor also acted in Othello, Guys and Dolls, and The Real Thing theatre plays.

Ewan McGregor appeared in many television series such as Scarlet and Black, Tales from the Crypt, Long Way Round, The Corrections, Long Way Up, Jerusalem: City of Faith and Fury, Hebrides: Islands on the Edge, and more.

Ewan McGregor acted in many movies, including Blue Juice, The Pillow Book, The Serpent’s Kiss, Velvet Goldmine, Eye of the Beholder, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, Stormbreaker, Angels & Demons, and more.

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