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Who Exactly is Ethan Boyes? Cycling Champion of the United States Dead While Riding

Ethan Boyes death

According to a family spokeswoman and the US Park Police, professional cyclist Ethan Boyes died on Tuesday after being hit by a car while cycling in San Francisco’s Presidio. Boyes held the 2018 world record for the fastest “flying start.”

Ethan Boyes death1


Ethan Boyes, Who Was He?

Ethan Boyes, a native of San Francisco, won the 2018 and 2019 USA Cycling championships. He holds the American record for the fastest time in the 500-meter. KRON said Boyes was a “well-known and adored figure in San Francisco biking, particularly in the track racing community.” “The outpouring of grief on social media testifies to Ethan’s compassion and generosity of spirit,” the organisation stated.

Boyes Sustained Potentially Fatal Injuries:

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the 44-year-old sustained life-threatening injuries and was brought to the hospital, where he died. Paramedics also took the car’s driver, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The US Park Police is presently looking into the collision.

The authorities withheld any information on the driver’s arrest or whether or not drinking or drugs had a role in the catastrophe. A family member said that while law enforcement could not confirm an arrest, the driver got arrested. “Ethan was a highly accomplished biker who was well respected in the bicycle world,” Shaana Rahman, a family spokesman, told The Chronicle Thursday evening. “This is a heartbreaking loss for the family and the cycling community in San Francisco.”

Several of Boyes’ riding friends were notified of the terrible news by his fiancée. Boyes was in a bike line when a car hit him head-on, said Brian Keyte, proprietor of Paragon Fit Studio. The organisation claimed that “several eyewitness testimonies ” indicated the car crossed the centre line and entered the bike lane. “Ethan is a likeable person.” Keyte said, “He’s a world champion track racer and a really kind guy.

Officials from USA Cycling Make a Statement:

“The death of Ethan Boyes has severely upset USA Cycling. Ethan was the reigning Masters’ Track World Champion in the Men’s 40-44 Time Trial and Sprint events and a member of the winning Team Sprint team, all of which he achieved in the fall of 2022, “USA Cycling officials said KRON in a statement.

“He was also a 10-time national champion throughout his riding career. Ethan presently owns the World’s Best Performance record for Males 35-39 in the 1,000-meter time trial, which he established in 2015, and other national records. Apart from his athletic accomplishments, Ethan was a respected member of the American track cycling scene. His absence will be felt in local, regional, national, and international competitions for years, as he brought a unique blend of competitiveness and friendship to every race.

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