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Is S Club 7 Singer Paul Cattermole Married? Who is Paul Cattermole Wife?

Paul Cattermole Wife
The Mirror

Paul Cattermole was a well-known British singer as well as an actor.

Paul Gerald Cattermole was known by his stage name Paul Cattermole.

Paul Cattermole was well-recognized as a member of the British pop group S Club 7 (1999 to 2002).

Paul Cattermole died on 6 April at the age of 46 at his home in Dorset.

Paul Cattermole was also a member of the National Youth Music Theatre. In 1994, Paul Cattermole appeared in “Pendragon”.

Paul Cattermole released many songs like Sunshine (2001), S Club (1999), and 7 (2000).

As an actor, in 1999, Paul Cattermole made his television debut with the “Miami 7” series.

Paul Cattermole also appeared in many tv shows such as The Greatest Store in the World, S Club Search, Artistic Differences, First Dates, Hollywood 7, and more.

Paul Cattermole Age


Paul Cattermole Cause of Death

The news of Paul Cattermole’s sudden death is coming out, hearing which his fans are shocked. Paul Cattermole died on 6 April 2003 at his home in Dorset, United Kingdom.

When Paul Cattermole died, he was 46 years old. Paul Cattermole was found unresponsive in his home, after which he was pronounced dead.

The cause of the death of Paul Cattermole is not yet known. But according to the police’s report, the death was not suspicious.

After hearing the news of Paul Cattermole’s death, his fans, colleagues, and friends have been grieving his death and are paying tribute on social media.

Who is Paul Cattermole Wife?

Paul Cattermole was an unmarried man.

Paul Cattermole never married. Paul Cattermole was in a romantic relationship a few years back.

Paul Cattermole’s partner was Hannah Spearritt. In 1994, Paul and Hannah Spearritt first met as members of Hui at the National Youth Music Theatre.

When Paul and Hannah met, Paul was 17 and Hannah was 14.

The two also appeared together in “Pendragon”. In 1999, Paul and Hannah were selected as members of a seven-member pop group called S Club 7.

After getting selected for the group, both became good friends. In 2001, Paul and Hannah turned their friendship into a relationship.

For six months, the couple has kept the upcoming relationship a secret. The couple kept dating each other till 2006, after which they parted ways.

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