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In West Hollywood, a woman was shot on Santa Monica Boulevard

Hollywood shooting
Source: CBS News

In a West Hollywood apartment complex, a gunshot was fired at the woman. After this incident, the woman was referred to the hospital on Friday. After all of this, the helicopter landed in the middle of La Brea Avenue, followed by a gunman.

Hollywood shooting

Source: ABC7 news

Special Enforcement Bureau – LASD, posted the update on Twitter:

#LASD SEB SWAT operation for an armed assault with a deadly weapon suspect ongoing in West Hollywood. 7000 block of Santa Monica Blvd closed. Please avoid the area.

This shooting event happened around 8:15 a.m. at Dylan’s Apartment at the 7100 block of Santa Monica Boulevard. After the gunfire, the injured woman was sent to the Cedears-Sinai hospital, and The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s SWAT team reached at the spot.

The victim woman, described as around 50 years old, was shot through the wall while the shooter fired the gun from an adjoining unit in the complex, as said by the officials.

According to LASD Public Information Officer Miguel Meza said there are more than five shots were fired by the shooter, “immediately noticed that it was that neighbour where those rounds came from, the established a containment and requested our Special Forces bureau to come out and assist,”

The woman was shot two times, once in the neck, but she is recovering very well.

LACoFD Public Information Officer Craig Little said, “The bullets going through the wall reduced the velocity of the bullet and decreased the deadliness of the bullet,”
Shooter covered himself through the barricades after the fire, Police tried to make contact with the suspect but they failed to catch him. Still, any description was not released by the police about the suspect.

Netizens’ reaction to the issue:

Chris Manna

Every single person in charge of this operation should immediately lose their job. These police tactics need to be questioned and revised. A woman gets shot. They think there’s an active shooter who has barricaded himself in his apartment. The building is evacuated. They land one of their shiny toys in the street (just for show apparently) and after all this, the suspect isn’t even in the apartment. Doubtful he was in there to begin with. You’re the big bad police.

Bry Tell

8 hours later to find out he wasn’t there anymore smh 🤦 ridiculous what a waste of time. With that amount of time he could be in new york by now wow lol

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