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Former college swimmer, Riley Gaines Claims she was Assaulted at an Event.

Riley Gaines

Riley Gaines, a former NCAA swimmer, claimed she was assaulted on Thursday on San Francisco State University’s campus. According to the event announcement, Gaines visited the school to share her opinions against the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sports.

What Happened to Riley Gaines


What Happened to Riley Gaines?

“One individual struck me physically. Gaines told CNN’s Natasha Chen, “I was struck twice, the second grazing my face and both strikes hitting my shoulder. “Before I could leave with campus police’s assistance, the remaining protesters simply ambushed and cornered me”. In a video Gaines posted, she could be seen moving quickly while surrounded by security personnel. Although the video is shaky and doesn’t appear to show an assault, a protester can be heard shouting, “Trans rights are human rights”. “We are continuing our investigation into the circumstances. No one was taken into custody in connection with the incident, according to a statement from the university police department. “The disruption happened after the event had ended, necessitating the removal of the event speaker to a different, safe area by UPD officers”.

An investigation is On:

A CNN inquiry regarding the nature of “the disruption” and whether the investigation is connected to the alleged assault was not immediately answered by university police. Gaines, who has been outspoken about her opposition. The House Republicans support Riley Gaines’s bold and tireless efforts to defend women’s sports”.

The incident was dubbed a “disaster” by PEN America, which promotes literature and free speech”. No matter how offensive or divisive the address may be, physical intimidation or violence is never a proper response, according to Kristen Shahverdian, senior manager of PEN America’s free expression and education division. In a statement, Shahverdian added that universities are places where people discuss, disagree, and debate. “What happened at SFSU is a disgrace to the free speech values that support the operation of higher education. This is unacceptable and contrary to how a campus should function”.

Turning Point USA organised Gaines’ appearance:

According to Kent Bravo, a university spokesperson, Gaines’ appearance was planned by the right-leaning Turning Point USA. According to Andrew Kolvet, a Turning Point USA spokesperson, three people who were in the room on Thursday night were spoken to. He claimed they had informed him that during the occasion, Gaines talked to a group of attendees, including those who held opposing opinions. Kolvet claimed that the interruption occurred as the event was coming to a close and that the conversation was constructive and polite, according to those in attendance.

Kolvet was not present on Thursday night but was texting Gaines. While the protesters were at the door, campus police simultaneously took her into a computer room and locked them inside. Finally, according to Kolvet, the San Francisco Police Department dispatched officers to disperse the crowd and escort Gaines out. He added that based on their message exchanges, Gaines left around midnight. Although the university’s chapter of Turning Point USA has been active for a few years, Kolvet said this semester marked the first time the group was formally acknowledged as a recognized student organization. The group’s first event of the semester was the Gaines-featured event. In a few weeks, another event is anticipated.

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