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A 6-Year-Old Texas Boy Whose Mother Fled the Country is now Presumed Dead

Missing Texas boy feared dead

The hunt for a missing 6-year-old Texas kid whose mother claimed a demon possessed him has turned into a death investigation, police said Thursday.

Missing Texas boy feared dead1


What Became of a 6-Year-Old Boy?

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, a person with special needs, last appeared in later October or November, just after the birth of his twin sisters, said Everman Police Chief CW Spencer during a news conference.

The chief said that Noel “was viewed as appearing unwell and malnourished.”

“Before the birth of the twins, [his mother] had made various remarks about Noel, referring to him as demonic, possessed, or having a devil in him.” [She] was afraid Noel might hurt the newborn twins.”

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, Who Was He?

Cindy Rodriquez-Singh, 37, has ten children. Three siblings resided with grandparents, while Noel and the others lived in filth with their mother in a shed near Everman, a Fort Worth suburb.

Investigators found an altar to Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, a female cult figure despised by the Catholic Church but popular among drug cartel members, in the squalid shack where Arshdeep Singh, the boy’s stepfather, also lived.


The detectives revealed that investigators concluded Noel was likely dead after disproving various claims about his locations made by Rodriquez-Singh. They claimed the child had been sold to a stranger at a local grocery store while living in Mexico with his biological father. “Family knew Cindy to be harsh and inattentive to Noel,” Spencer stated.

“One relative saw Cindy hit Noel in the face with keys for drinking water.”

Witnesses also indicated that Noel often denied food and drink because Cindy disliked changing Noel’s filthy diapers.”

Officials previously revealed that Noel was born preterm and had severe physical abnormalities and developmental issues. They also said that his mother had an “extensive criminal background” and had been the subject of a prior investigation by Child Protective Services. Arrest warrants were filed for Rodriguez-Singh and her husband for abandoning or endangering a child, a second-degree offence in Texas. But, it’s believed that the pair escaped before the warrants were issued and returned to Singh’s home country of India.

“On November 1, 2022, Cindy received passport pictures for all of the children residing with her, except Noel,” the chief stated, adding that she then filed for passports the following day. The FBI and other government agencies seek extraditing the couple to the United States. Meanwhile, crews continue to comb Everman’s forested regions for the boy’s remains. On Monday, the community will host a vigil in his honour.

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