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What is Lance Reddick Cause of Death? Lance Reddick’s cause of death has been called into question by his family.

Lance Reddick's Cause of Death

Previous accounts connected Reddick’s death to heart disease. However, a lawyer for the family claims that an autopsy did not establish the cause of death and was incompatible with Reddick’s lifestyle and fitness level.

According to lawyer James Hornstein, Reddick was “the most physically fit person I’ve ever known. He claimed that the actor exercised daily in his home gym, performing extensive cardio exercises and adhering to a strict diet. When working away from home, he claimed Reddick had a “contractual requirement” that “the availability of gym facilities” be met.

Lance Reddick


What is Lance Reddick Cause of Death?

According to Hornstein, the details on the death certificate “are completely at odds with his way of life.”. The information on the death certificate is unreliable and at odds with the knowledge that the family is aware of, according to Stephanie Reddick, Lance’s wife”. It’s unclear if anything more than the statement will be made. Ischemic heart disease were the causes of the actor’s death, according to a death certificate that TMZ obtained. He was also well-known for his acclaimed performance on The Wire.

What Happened to Lance Reddick?

Plaque buildup in the arteries typically causes atherosclerotic coronary artery disease and ischemic heart disease, also known as hardening of the arteries. Reddick, 60, had passed out in his Studio City backyard when his wife Stephanie discovered him and dialled 911. The actor Reddick passed away from natural causes, according to a statement released by his representative at the time of his passing. In the most recent John Wick: Chapter Four, Reddick co-starred with Keanu Reeves in the John Wick movies. He was also scheduled to appear in the sequel film Ballerina. His numerous TV appearances include Oz and Law and Order: SVU, but his breakthrough role was in HBO’s The Wire, where he played Baltimore cop (and eventual commissioner) Cedric Daniels.

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