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How did Serge Lebrasse Die? Know about his Cause of Death

Serge Lebrasse death

Joseph Emmanuel Serge Lebrasse, better known as Serge Lebrasse in Mauritanian circles, has died. Known as the Mauritian Sega, he was recognisable.

Serge Lebrasse death1


Serge Lebrasse Died in What Manner?

Serge Lebrasse died on Thursday, April 6, at 92. He was reared in Rose-Hill and suffered the heartbreaking death of his father when he was nine years old. Despite his ordeal, he overcame his trial and left an incomparable musical legacy. His incredible career has influenced multiple generations of musicians and artists over 60 years.

“We are profoundly sorry to learn that Serge Lebrasse, one of Mauritius’ sega legends, has gone away,” writes the British High Commission official website in Port Louis, Mauritius. He was a solid favourite of Mauritanians worldwide, including in the United Kingdom.

His family has our deepest condolences.

His legacy will go on”.

Serge Lebrasse Died as a Result of the Following Causes:

Serge Lebrasse died of a lung illness, according to sources. His family has not yet reported Gray Frederickson’s cause of death. There is no information on Gray Frederickson’s cause of death.

Serge Lebrasse, Who Was He?

On June 25, 1930, Serge was born in Rose Hill. The oldest of four kids, he is. At the young age of nine, Serge lost his father. He attended St. Enfant Jesus throughout his primary school years. Once his father died, his mother became the family’s only source of income. Therefore he had to work as a seamstress to help pay for their needs.

Serge had to drop out of school when he was 14 years old due to the island’s polio epidemic. He afterwards started working in the textile sector. Around that period, he was diagnosed with a cardiac condition, which forced him to spend three months in bed. At the age of 18, or more specifically in 1948, he made a secret application for enrollment in the British Army. He was immediately accepted and soon went for three years of World War II in Egypt. He returned to Mauritius after three years and resumed working as a teacher in numerous schools from 1952 until 1969.

Family of Serge Lebrasse:

He married his wonderful wife in 1954, and four children were born due to their relationship. After that, he became ill again, forcing him to give up his position as a teacher. He restarted his music career after meeting Philippe Ossan. He was motivated by this to become a music instructor. Even though sega was considered a poor form of music then, he continued writing songs. His first song, “Madame Eugene,” which he initially thought would fail, proved a triumph.

On the first anniversary of independence, he sang the song alongside Alain Permal and Cyril Labonne. Serge surpassed Ti Frere as the most well-known vocalist thanks to his fame and ability. He was awarded the Rose-Hill Medal by the City of Beau-Bassin in 2000. Queen Margaret and Queen Elizabeth II met him as well.

Serge Lebrasse also performed the songs “sega topic” and “modern sega” on the hotel circuit. The football aficionado gradually made his mark. He has established himself as a critical sega tier thanks to songs such as “Madame Eugene,” “Moris mo ti pei,” “Sega Carol,” “Bal bosses,” and “Mo pa oule.” He was a multi-instrumentalist who also played the clarinet and saxophone. At the inaugural National Award Ceremony in 2018, Serge Lebrasse was the first to be honoured in the music business.

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