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Who is Daria Trepova? The 26-year-old suspect in the cafe blast that killed Russian war blogger Vladlen Tatarsky

Who is Daria Trepova

According to Russian officials, the 26-year-old is reportedly an “active supporter” of Alexei Navalny’s anti-corruption organisation. He is accused of killing military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky in a bombing on Sunday in St. Petersburg.

Daria Trepova

Who is Daria Trepova?

According to Russian officials, the woman was detained in connection with the death of a military blogger who has previously been imprisoned for participating in anti-war demonstrations. The 40-year-old pro-war blogger was killed in a blast at a cafe in St. Petersburg on Sunday, and the Investigative Committee of Russia, the nation’s top state criminal investigation agency, claims to have detained Daria Trepova in connection with her death. Tatarsky, was one of Russia’s most well-known and well-respected military bloggers who had offered continuous commentary on the country’s invasion of Ukraine. On Telegram, he had more than 560,000 subscribers.

Following the explosion on Sunday, the Russian interior ministry placed Trepova on its wanted list on Monday. She is alleged to have been held at a St. Petersburg location. Trepova is an “active supporter”, according to Russian officials in charge of combating terrorism. Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader, founded the non-profit organization that has looked into corruption among senior Russian officials. Putin is currently serving a prison sentence in Russia for alleged fraud against Navalny, who was poisoned with the novichok nerve agent in 2020, an attack he claimed was Putin’s fault.

Confessional Video:

A video of Daria Trepova that shows a confession has been made public by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Unknown are the circumstances surrounding the filming.

Trepova’s husband, told the Russian news outlet SVTV News that even though his wife opposed the war in Ukraine, “she would never kill.”. “My wife was framed, in my opinion. She certainly couldn’t have accomplished that on her own, in my opinion,” he said. With Daria, Rylov, a member of the extreme opposition Libertarian Party of Russia (LPR), declared that such actions are unacceptable even though they do not support the war in Ukraine. “I am optimistic that if she had known, she would never have consented to this. “Bomb concealed in the blogger’s gift. Tatarsky was killed in a blast while facilitating a conversation at a cafe on the banks of the Neva River in the old city of St. Petersburg. Investigators think the blogger bust the suspect gave Tatarsky as a gift just before the explosion was where the bomb that killed Tatarsky was hidden. Before the explosion, a box believed to contain the bust is seen being carried into the cafe by a person identified by Russian authorities as Trepova on CCTV.

Vladlen Tatarsky: who was he?

Although Ukraine is holding up well, its resilience is about to be tested. Videotaped remarks from a witness claimed that Tatarsky was approached by a woman who introduced herself as Nastya and conversed with her. Tatarsky made jokes with Nastya, who laughed along.

CCTV shows a Russian “cafe explosion suspect”:

According to some media reports, Trepova might not have known that the bust was used to deliver the explosive device and that it was hidden inside. The blast also left about 30 people injured, with 10 of them reportedly in critical condition, according to the authorities. If Tatarsky were purposefully targeted, it would mark the second assassination of a person connected to the Ukrainian conflict on Russian soil. Last August, Darya Dugina, the daughter of a supporter of Vladimir Putin, was killed when an alleged explosive device exploded on the Toyota Land Cruiser she was riding in. Although no one has publicly taken responsibility for the attack, military bloggers and patriotic commentators immediately accused Ukraine of carrying out the bombing. They compared it to Ms Dugina’s murder in August of last year. Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak attributed the explosion to domestic terrorism in Russia.

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