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Tricia Cotham Legislator switches parties with big impact in North Carolina

Tricia Cotham
Source: Facebook

Tricia Cotham, North Carolina legislature might switch the party in General Assembly and give a veto-proof in the upcoming General Assembly. This step of Tricia Cotham could affect legislation on immigration as well as abortion and voting; keep reading this article for more info

Tricia Cotham: Switches from Democrat to Republic

Tricia Cotham

Source: WSOC TV

A news conference will be held Wednesday at party headquarters with Rep. Tricia Cotham of Mecklenburg County. Tim Moore, House Speaker, told the media on Tuesday that There will be a “make a major announcement” about Cotham and chamber leaders. 

If Cotham switches to the Republic party, it would be a significant loss for the Democratic party. Because at this time, Roy Cooper, Democratic Gov., tried to block conservative initiatives for the rest of the governor’s tenure.

Tricia Cotham: Know more about her

Tricia Cotham is a former member of the North Carolina Legislature, where she served six years. During her time in the legislature, Cotham was known for her commitment to education, healthcare, and environmental issues. In this blog, we will explore Cotham’s career in the North Carolina Legislature and her impact on the state.

Tricia Cotham: Early Career and Education

Before entering politics, Tricia Cotham was a teacher in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system. She earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a master’s degree in educational leadership from Winthrop University. Her background in education would later inform her legislative priorities.

Tricia Cotham: Political Career

Cotham was first elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives in 2006, representing the 100th district, which includes parts of Mecklenburg County. During her first term, Cotham served on several committees, including the Education Committee, the Health Committee, and the Judiciary I Committee. She was also appointed to the North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force.

Tricia Cotham

Source: Facebook

In 2008, Cotham was re-elected to the House of Representatives and continued to serve on the same committees. During this term, she became known for her work on healthcare issues, including advocating for expanding Medicaid and supporting legislation that would make it easier for people to access healthcare.

Tricia Cotham was criticised by people on Social Media:

Jeffery Morris

That should be illegal. They did not elect that party, they elected the party that they chose. If she wishes to be in the other party she should resign and then run again as a Republican. This is a major problem in American politics. Shameful. There is simply no more integrity in politics anymore. I’m watching everything unfold in complete horror.

Hector Aviles Mendez

This woman has no real convictions as we can see, she finds retaliation to be an acceptable way of selling your convictions?? If you were a democrat os because you believe in something.. no?? What happened, her beliefs changed because she had disagreements??

Talk about a party filled with people with empty believes and ideals, much worse the Republicans accepting someone who first was against you and all of a sudden loves u? Lolll like I said , fkd up believes..

Rob Southern

She is right. “They picked the wrong chick”. What a joke. Hopefully she will be removed from office. Maybe she could join Marjory Taylor Greene in her kiss bit empire. This is ridiculous

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