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Guibone, Stephen James JR’s Death: How did the Well-Known Rider Die? Obituary and Cause of Death

Stephen James Guibone JR death

Stephen James L. Guibone Jr., AKA Junior Guibone 222 “Way Kalag,” died unexpectedly. Let’s look at how the cyclist perished and what caused his death.

Stephen James Guibone JR death1


What Happened to Way Kalag?

Stephen James L. Guibone Jr., better known as “WAY KALAG,” a Valencia rider, died on April 5, 2023. He was just 22 at the time. Teves MX Park announced Guibone’s death on its Facebook page. According to the statement,

“We regret to inform you that the motocross community has lost one of its own.” Stephen James “WAY KALAG” L. Guibone Jr. #222 died tragically.” “Junior Guibone was the overall Open Enduro and Intermediate class champion and a gifted rider who thrived on the edge. Several people found him to be an inspiration. The world has lost a tremendous advocate, but his legacy will continue through their love of Motocross.

At this sad time, our hearts go out to their loved ones. We’ll miss you. Rest in peace, Jr Guibone.” He died on April 5, 2023, a day after his birthday. Friends and family members will miss the little rider terribly.

What was the Identity of Stephen James Guibone Jr.?

Stephen James L. Guibone Jr. was a gifted rider from the Philippines’ Valencia. He was the champion of the G-Brother Racing Team – Valencia, Bukidnon. Throughout his adolescence, he raced against several professional riders.

“WAY KALAG” was a young rider interested in the Motorsports scene. Several teenage motorcyclists were impressed by his riding abilities. He also won the overall Open Enduro and Intermediate class titles. Guibone competed in several racing events, giving the Valencia MotorSports community great pride.

Cause of Death for Stephen James Guibone Jr.:

Way Kalag Guibone Jr died at the tender age of 22. Way Kalg passed away, although the exact cause of death is still unknown. With Way Kalag’s demise, the motorsports industry is in mourning.

Bornok Mangosong, a sportsperson, communicated the sad news on social media by releasing a video. The statement is as follows: JR GUIBONE, you will be missed, my buddy. That you left us so quickly breaks my heart. You are a skilled young rider, and you may be able to compete in the future. It’s sad to learn you’ve died.

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