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Why was Darron Lee arrested? Former Jets First-Round Selection Arrested on Suspicion of Abusing his Mother

Why was Darron Lee arrested

The New York Jets selected linebacker Darron Lee in the 2016 NFL Draft, and he was later arrested for assaulting his mother and son’s mother.

Was Darron Lee a first-round dud


Why was Darron Lee arrested?

He faces two misdemeanour assault counts and two misdemeanour domestic violence counts. Starting on Tuesday morning, he has been imprisoned. On Monday in Dublin, Ohio, Lindsey McGlone, the mother of Lee’s child, called the police. She claimed that his mother, Candice Lee, had been attacked by Darron. According to Candice, her son first yelled at her before grabbing and pushing her against the wall, according to TMZ Sports. He even punched Candice several times before throwing her to the ground. McGlone stepped in to put an end to Candice’s attack. 

Then, McGlone told the police about a situation where Lee assaulted her on October 17 while accusing the woman of cheating. McGlone alleges that Darron Lee attacked her while they were in bed and threatened to kill them both. Additionally, he allegedly attacked her throat. She also alleges that Darron threw her phone against the wall, which struck her in the head when it reacted. According to McGlone, she was also assaulted as she descended the stairs.

Was Darron Lee a first-round dud?

Given his recent legal troubles, it should rule out the possibility of Darron Lee ever playing football again. Lee was a bust despite being a first-round pick, even though he had some promise in his first two seasons with the New York Jets. He was never chosen for the Pro Bowl or an All-Pro team, and he never played on a team that won a championship. He spent three seasons with the Jets, from 2016 to 2018, before playing for the Chiefs in 2019 and the Bills in 2020. Darron Lee completed his career with 273 tackles, four sacks, two forced fumbles, three interceptions, and one defensive touchdown.

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