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Marjorie Taylor Greene is trolled on Twitter for equating Donald Trump’s imprisonment to Nelson Mandela and Jesus.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Since she was elected in 2020, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been one of the party’s most outspoken figures. She is a fervent supporter of former President Donald Trump and was present at demonstrations in New York City today as the man was named the first U.S. In history, only one president has been charged with a crime. Greene spoke about how this day — and Trump — will go down in history in an interview she gave on the way to the protests. Her response made a lot of the audience laugh.

What Happened


What Happened?

She was direct with a reporter from the Right Side Broadcasting Network reporter, saying, “Trump is joining some of the people in history.”. Nelson Mandela was detained and imprisoned. Jesus was taken into custody and killed”. “Many people have been imprisoned and persecuted throughout history by radical, and it’s beginning today in New York City,” she continued.

The Reaction of Twitter Users:

Twitter users quickly reacted when the comparison of Trump’s arrest to that of Jesus and Mandela was made. User commented, “Marjorie Taylor Greene has never said a thing intelligent in her life, and you know when someone just looks so hollow-headed?”.

Users noted that Greene wasn’t conversing with another reporter. She was being questioned by her purported boyfriend, with whom she allegedly fell in love while they were married last year. She is being interviewed by Brian Glenn, she had an affair with that resulted in their divorce the previous summer, to put this heartbreaking tale of Christian persecution in perspective. So, with her lover serving as her stenographer, MTG is tightly clutching that Bible, political podcaster Fred Wellman wrote.

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