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Is Kate from CNN married? Does Kate Bolduan have any children?

Kate Bolduan Husband Michael David Gershenson
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Kate Bolduan is a professional American News anchor for CNN and broadcast journalist.

Currently, Kate Bolduan is working as the host for CNN News Central.

Prior to this, Kate Bolduan served as anchor for Kate Bolduan, Kate Bolduan, with The New Day and At This Over.

Kate Bolduan served as a Washington, D.C.-based congressional correspondent, in addition to serving as a general assignment correspondent for the network.

Kate Bolduan worked as a general assignment reporter for WTVD-TV in Durham, North Carolina from 2005 to 2007.

Subsequently, Kate Bolduan worked as a production producer for MSNBC and NBC News in Washington, DC.

Kate Bolduan also worked for Dateline NBC, House & Garden Magazine, and NBC Nightly News.

The State of America was announced by the State of America with anchor Kate Bolduan. It is a CNN International program covering the 2016 US presidential campaign for a global audience.

After the election, the program was renamed to US News and Affairs.

Kate Bolduan from CNN’s New York studios in Manhattan broadcast the show on Friday at 23:00 CET.

Kate Bolduan Age

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How old is CNN anchor Kate Bolduan?

Kate Bolduan’s age is 39 years. Kate Bolduan’s birth name is Katherine Jean Bolduan. Kate Bolduan’s birth date is 28 July and her birth year is 1983. Kate Bolduan was born to Nadine Bolduan and Jeffrey Bolduan in Goshen, Indiana, United States.

Kate Bolduan’s mother is a nurse and Kate Bolduan’s father is a Doctor. Kate Bolduan has three sisters. Kate Bolduan did her school at Goshen High School and graduated from George Washington University. Kate Bolduan’s nationality is American.

Who is Kate Bolduan Husband?

Kate Bolduan is a married woman. Kate Bolduan husband is Michael David Gershenson.

Kate Bolduan and Michael David Gershenson married in May 2010 and still toegther.

Kate Bolduan moved from Washington DC to New York in 2013 with her husband.

Kate Bolduan gave birth to her first child (daughter) with Michael David in September 2014. In December 2017, Kate Bolduan gave birth to their second daughter.

Kate Bolduan and Michael David children’s names are Cecelia Eve Gershenson and Delphine Esther Gershenson.

How much is Kate Bolduan net Worth?

Kate Bolduan’s net worth is around $3 million. Kate Bolduan has earned all of her income from her career as a journalist. Kate Bolduan has worked for several news networks. As per the sources, the monthly income of Kate Bolduan is around $200k. Kate Bolduan also works as a speaker and freelance presenter.

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