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What is Nigel Lawson Cause of Death? The reforming Chancellor Died At 91

What is Nigel Lawson Cause of Death

Nigel Lawson, a former Conservative chancellor, passed away at 91. He served in several cabinet positions under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, and his influence was regarded as among the greatest among all UK chancellors after World War II. He was referred to as “an inspiration to me and many others” by Minister Rishi Sunak. He is credited with developing solid entrepreneurial forces quickly, and many UK communities remember this period as painful deindustrialisation and growing inequality. 

Nigel Lawson Cause of Death


What is Nigel Lawson’s Cause of Death?

Nigel Lawson, a journalist and Conservative politician who was instrumental in Margaret Thatcher’s efforts to revive the British economy but left the government after a bitter disagreement over monetary policy, has passed away. He was 91. The BBC reported his death on Monday, but it was not specified where, when, or what caused it. The prime minister, Rishi Sunak, referred to Mr Lawson in a statement as “a transformational chancellor and an inspiration to many”.

Tributes to Nigel Lawson:

As chancellor, the prime minister posted a photo of himself on social media with the caption: “One of the things I did was hang a picture of Nigel Lawson above my desk. Former British prime minister Boris Johnson hailed Lawson as a “fearless and original flame of free market Conservatism” who “helped millions of British people achieve their dreams.”. Liz Truss, a fellow former prime minister, called him a “true giant of 20th-century politics” and said “his time at the helm of the Treasury was transformational.”. He “inspired all his successors, leaving the country more prosperous and enterprising,” according to current Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, whose shoes were “impossible to fill.”. According to former chancellor Norman Lamont, he was “not at all a pompous character,” and had a “great sense of humour and fun.”.

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