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The Newborn Died Unexpectedly at Home, and the Mother was Charged with Murder

Mother charged with murder after newborn died

Kelsey Carpenter, 33, is charged with endangering a child and premeditated murder.

Mother charged with murder after newborn died1

What Happened to the Infant?

When her baby died during a home birth, a California lady was charged with murder. When her infant Kiera was killed after a home delivery in 2020, Kelsey Carpenter, 33, was accused of murder and endangering a child, according to The Guardian. Ms. Carpenter cut the umbilical cord and attempted to nurse Kiera before passing out. She was alone when her water broke two weeks before her expected due date.

She realised Kiera wasn’t breathing when she awoke and called 911. Prosecutors in San Diego are now developing a case against the mother of three, who had custody of her two other kids taken away because of her prior drug usage.

After getting back custody of her youngest child and finding out she was expecting Kiera, Ms. Carpenter went to a facility for treatment. She received buprenorphine there to treat her withdrawal symptoms. According to an autopsy, Kiera’s death was determined to be an accident “due to methamphetamine and buprenorphine exposure and unsupervised administration.” Kiera’s death was brought on by blood loss before or after birth, according to specialists interviewed by Ms Carpenter’s defence. A state provision that shields people from accountability for actions connected to pregnancy if the result is an abortion, loss, or stillbirth is also cited by her attorneys.

Order for Arrest:

After getting medical care, Ms. Carpenter was asked about the event. She was arrested in March 2021 and later freed on bond after being charged with murder. She was imprisoned once again in January when she skipped her court appearance.

She wrote to The Guardian from behind bars, saying, “I am still amazed and outraged that a person could undergo the greatest misery of their life, lose a baby who was cherished and searched for before being accused of such a heinous crime.” To The Guardian, she texted this statement. I cherished the idea of having a child and was utterly dedicated to being the most fantastic mother I could be. I grieve for Kiera every day.

Inaccurate portrayals of Ms Carpenter’s account by prosecutors and other outlets, according to Ms Carpenter’s mother, who has custody of Ms Carpenter’s oldest child, allegedly led to a surge of abuse and threats.

In addition to the fact that she was attempting to grieve for Kiera, Shande Carpenter told The Guardian that she was concerned for her safety. According to Ms. Carpenter, she planned and did her homework for the home delivery. She said that after losing custody of her children after they tested positive for drugs at the hospital after delivery, she decided to give birth at home.

I didn’t want to run the danger of giving the system custody of my third kid, Ms. Carpenter said. “I wanted to share my kids a sibling since I love them so much. My boys were supposed to be her big brothers, taking care of her and loving her.

Attorneys’ Statement:

Despite the lack of any supporting medical data, prosecutors contend that Ms. Carpenter’s claimed failure to contact emergency personnel in time and her choice to remove Kiera’s umbilical cord were the causes of her death.

Carpenter’s choice to give birth at home or use drugs is not grounds for prosecution, the district attorney’s office said to The Guardian in a statement. This case does not include a stillbirth, abortion, or any other pregnancy result. This case involves a newborn child who passed away due to parental actions and inactions after the child’s live delivery.

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