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Man Gets Detained by Police After Allegedly Shooting at Madison Target

Madison Shooting

Metro Nashville Police is looking into the active shooter incident at Madison Target. The police are holding the person suspected of firing at Madison Target after an investigation. Keep reading this page to learn more about the Madison Shooting and how the perpetrator was found.

Madison Shooting1


Madison Massacre:

The Metro Nashville Police Department opened an investigation after a man reportedly shot through the rear wall of a Target on Gallatin Pike North in Madison, across from the Rivergate Mall.

Just before five o’clock on Sunday, authorities responded. Officials cleared the building, and there was no danger inside. When the police came, they discovered nothing and found no damage or injuries.

They said that after viewing a CCTV video with a shop manager, a guy entered the shop, walked around to the back, took out a pistol, shot at the back wall and then left the establishment.

Just What Took Place at the Target Rivergate Mall?

Police reacted to a report of an active shooter at a Target in Madison, close to the RiverGate Mall, and detained a guy. According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, when officers were contacted, there was an active shooter at the Gallatin Pike North company.

The police stated that they had left the scene and that the situation was no longer threatening on Sunday, April 2, shortly before 6:30 p.m. According to the police, their investigation showed that a guy shot himself through the establishment’s back wall before escaping in a maroon car.

Authorities said shortly after 11 p.m. that Jamar Simmons, 31, had been arrested in connection with the Target shooting at his Madison home. There is no other information available concerning the event.

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