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Lori Vallow Murder Trial: The Jury Selection in the Lori Vallow Murder Trial Involves Religious Belief

Lori Vallow murder trial

As attorneys begin choosing 18 potential jurors for the trial of a woman charged in what prosecutors claim was a doomsday-focused plot, hundreds of people are anticipated to gather at an Idaho courthouse on Monday morning.

What happened


What happened?

In connection with the deaths of the Vallow Daybell family’s two youngest children, 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow and older sister Tylee Ryan, who was last seen a few days before turning 17 in 2019. Additionally, the couple is accused of being involved in the death of Tammy Daybell, the late husband of Chad Daybell, in October 2019. Only Vallow Daybell’s trial will start on Monday, although both defendants have entered not-guilty pleas. Despite separating the cases, Chad Daybell’s problem is still months away. If found guilty, Vallow Daybell could spend the rest of his life in jail.

The investigation is On:

When the children’s bodies were discovered buried in Chad Daybell’s yard, the research attracted worldwide attention and was closely watched in the small rural community in eastern Idaho. The trial was consequently relocated by Seventh District Judge Steven Boyce to the city of Boise, more than 200 miles to the east. To further their alleged plan to murder the children and Tammy Daybell to extort life insurance money, the children’s social security, and survivor benefits, the prosecution contended that the Daybells adopted strange doomsday-focused beliefs. According to police reports, the couple oversaw a prayer group that met regularly in the hopes of expelling demons and receiving revelations from “beyond the spiritual veil.”. Investigators were told by Melanie Gibb, a close friend of Vallow Daybell, that the couple thought people turned into “zombies” when evil spirits possessed them. The group would spend a lot of time praying and thought that if they were successful, the possessed person would physically pass away, releasing their trapped soul from “limbo.”. Before they passed away, Vallow Daybell referred to JJ and Tylee as “zombies” several times, according to Gibb’s testimony to the authorities.

Statement Made During the Investigation:

According to police, the couple lied about where the kids were. In a remote part of Idaho, Chad Daybell’s property is where the children’s bodies were discovered buried. Two weeks after the untimely death of Chad Daybell’s first spouse, the couple got married. Initial reports of Tammy Daybell’s death being due to natural causes raised questions after Chad Daybell quickly remarried, and investigators exhumed her body. Regarding the passing of her former husband, Charles Vallow, in July 2019, Vallow Daybell is separately accused in Arizona of conspiring to murder him. Alex Cox, the brother of Vallow Daybell, who fired the shot, insisted it was in self-defence. During the Idaho proceedings, the Arizona case is on hold.

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