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Is Christo Jivkov married? Who is Christo Jivkov Wife?

Christo Jivkov Wife
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Christo Jivkov was a famous Bulgarian actor, producer, and director.

Recently, Christo Jivkov died at the age of 48.

In 2004, Christo Jivkov was well recognized for his role as Saint John in the film “The Passion of the Christ”.

Christo Jivkov, a famous Bulgarian actor, also played his part in “The Profession of Arms” in 2001.

An acting career in Italy followed for Christo, which was linked to Mel Gibson’s long-abandoned paid sequel, according to Deadline.

After success in his acting career, Christo Zivkov co-founded the Bulgarian film company “Red Carpet Films”.

Christo Jivkov Death

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Christo Jivkov Cause of Death

The news of the death of Christo Jivkov appeared suddenly. Bulgarian Actor Christo Jivkov died at the age of 48 on 1 April 2023 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Christo Jivkov has been fighting his cancer battle for a long time but on Saturday, April 1, he died of cancer.

The company shared its words on Facebook on the death of Christo Jivkov – “There are no words to describe the pain of this loss.” “… We are truly devastated by this untimely loss. We will never forget you!”

After Christo Jivkov’s death, Christo’s friend Maria Grazia Cuccinota remembered him on her Instagram, writing that after his death he was voting “the last pain”.

Further wrote- “My friend, gentle soul, your fight for life was the fight of all those who love you.”

Who is Christo Jivkov Wife?

The marital status of Christo Jivkov was unmarried. Christo Jivkov never married. Christo Jivkov passed his life single. Christo Jivkov has never shared information about whether Christo Jivkov has ever dated anyone or was ever in a relationship with anyone.

Christo Jivkov’s real name was Hristo Zhivkov. Christo Jivkov’s age was 48 years. Christo Jivkov’s date of birth was 18 February 1975. Christo Jivkov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Christo Jivkov’s height was 1.83 m. Christo Jivkov has a sibling whose name was Dimitrina Zhivkova.

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