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Bernie Smith Passed Away – Cause Of Death Explained

Bernie Smith Passed Away - Cause Of Death Explained
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The Englewood Fire Chief Department is mourning the loss of their beloved firefighter, Bernie Smith. 

Who was Bernie Smith?

Bernie Smith was an Englewood Fire Chief who died recently in a tragic accident. His death hi shocked the entire community of Englewood. Bernie Smith worked for the fire department with dedication for many years before passing away unexpectedly on Sunday in Oklahoma City.

Bernie Smith was considered a beloved fighter and a cherished community member. He served in the community with distinction, courage, and kindness for many years. 

He was also an ardent supporter of safety and an inspiration to many who knew him. He was also a devoted husband, father, and grandfather who was always ready to make time for his family, along with a great friend who was always ready to lend a helping hand.

Bernie Smith Passed Away - Cause Of Death Explained

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How did the Englewood Fire Chief, Bernie Smith, Die?

The Buffalo, Oklahoma firefighters association confirmed the death of their chief, Bernie Smith, and released a statement, expressing their condolences to the family of Bernie Smith. 

He had died suffering from a fractured skull after a cow tried to get the best of him. This caused a brain swelling, and his pupils started to be reactive. He was taken urgently to the hospital, where he received his treatment. 

The next morning the posted an update sharing that the doctors had rained the spinal fluid of the brain to relieve the pressure being put on the brain, and he moved his fingers and toes. They also put him on sedation to help him heal the brain, and his pupils were getting better. But even after this treatment, he did not survive. 

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Tributes paid to Bernie Smith

Upon hearing the news in the community, many people express their heartfelt condolences to the family of Bernie Smith. They also asked everyone, along with his family, to keep him in his prayers. Many regarded him as a great man who was always ready to help others. 

They also called him a hero who was always the first to respond to fire-related grievances. They also described him as a man of honor and grit who had great courage to fight fires and to be the leader in the hardest moments.