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Lee Rhoades: victim of a fatal attack at Bathurst Street, Cause of Death Explained.

Lee Rhoades: victim of a fatal attack at Bathurst Street, Cause of Death Explained.
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His family members have now identified Lee Rhoades as the victim of the fatal attack in Hull in March 2023. 

Bathurst Street Murder investigation

A man was brutally attacked and murdered at the Hull on Sunday, March 12. The victim was a 45-year-old man named Lee Rhoades, identified by his family members. 

Upon being contacted for safety concerns, the Humberside police immediately arrived and, after Lee Rhoades was sent to the hospital, launched a murder investigation regarding the individual’s death. 

According to the witnesses, four people were attacking the man. Upon further investigation, the police found all four culprits and made several arrests regarding the case. 

The four directly involved people were later charged in court with murder on Thursday, March 16. The suspects included Lee Hailstone of Bathurst Street, Keeran Edge of Hull, Garry Harris of Victoria Avenue, and Amie Kehoe of Bisland Close. 

They all were brought before the court at Hull Magistrate on 16 March and were then taken into custody for a trial later. Three other people were also arrested, who were involved with the case. All three of them have since been released on police bail while the police continue the investigation. 

How did Lee Rhoades die?

The officers were called on 12 March at 1:20 AM following an attack on a man by four people. Upon arriving, the man was seen as brutally injured and immediately sent to the hospital, where he, unfortunately, could not survive his injuries. 

The family members were shocked upon hearing about the death of their loved one, who was taken from them so suddenly. The family has since asked for privacy during this difficult time and has received support from various police officers. 

The police have also announced, claiming that it was an isolated incident and there is no wider risk to community members. 

Remembering Lee Rhoades

Lee Rhoades was a beloved son, brother, uncle, and cousin. He was passionate about his work and gave it his all every day. He was a kind and generous man who always put others before himself.

He will be remembered for his kindness and generosity. He was always willing to lend a helping hand and was a great listener. He was always there for his family and friends and will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him.

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