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Is Heather Graham in a relationship? Does Heather Graham have a husband?

Heather Graham Boyfriend
Hollywood Life

Heather Graham is a popular American actress.

Heather Graham famous for Twin Peaks, Scrubs, Californication, and Law & Order True Crime series.

Heather Graham will be seen in the “Extrapolations” tv series and “Place of Bones”, “Oracle”, and “The Other Zoey” upcoming films.

In 1987, Heather Graham made her television debut with the “Growing Pains” series.

In 1984, Heather Graham made her film debut with the “Mrs. Soffel” film.

In 2022, Heather Graham appeared in the “Scream” film.

Heather Graham appeared in many television series such as Twin Peaks, The Outer Limits, Emily’s Reasons Why Not, Flaked, Get Shorty, Flowers in the Attic, Scrubs, Fallen Angels, Petals on the Wind, Get Shorty, The Outer Limits, and more.

Heather Graham acted in many movies like License to Drive, I Love You to Death, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story, Sidewalks of New York, Hope Springs, and more.

Heather Graham Age


Heather Graham Age

Heather Graham’s age is 53 years. Heather Graham’s date of birth is 29 January 1970. Heather Graham was born to Joan Graham and James Graham in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.

Heather Graham’s height is 1.73 m. Heather Graham has a sibling whose name is Aimee Graham. Heather Graham did her studies at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Who is Heather Graham Husband?

The marital status of Heather Graham is unmarried. Heather Graham does not have a husband. Heather Graham was in a relationship. As of now, it is not known whether Heather Graham has a boyfriend or whether she is in a relationship with anyone.

Heather Graham dating History

Heather Graham has dated many celebrities and has been in relationships with many celebrities.

Heather Graham had a long-term relationship with Israeli screenwriter Yaniv Raj from 2011 to 2018. After this, she briefly dated Australian actor Heath Ledger.

Heather Graham has dated Tommy Aelastra, Scott Speedman, Jason Silva, and John de Neufville.

Besides this, Heather Graham has dated a number of men including- Taylor Harcott (2014 – 2015), Heath Ledger (2000 – 2001), Josh Lucas (2004 – 2006), Kyle MacLachlan (1990 – 1992), Charles Ferri (2006 – 2008), Chris Weitz (2003 – 2004), Matthew Perry (2002 – 2003), Benicio Del Toro (2001), Edward Burns (1998 – 2000), Elias Koteas (1997), Jon Favreau (1995 – 1996), Stephen Hopkins (1997 – 1998), James Woods (1992 – 1993), Matt Dillon (1988 – 1989).

In addition to dating, Heather Graham has been linked with Elijah Allman (2002), Adam Ant (1994), Leonardo DiCaprio (1993), Russell Crowe (2001), and Corey Feldman (1987).

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