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Who is Evan Gershkovich Wife? The Wall Street Journal reporter is married

Evan Gershkovich

Even Gerhkovich, an American journalist arrested in Russia for spying. Now people are searching about Evan Gershokovic and trying to know about his wife; this article will teach us more about this Wall Street journalist.

Evan Gershokvic: Who was he

Evan Gershkovich


Evan Gershkovich is known for his news coverage in business and finance. He has depth knowledge of the Wall Street and technology industry. He wrote for famous publications brands as The New York Times, The Information, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News and The Guardian.

He gained popularity through deep reporting, involving facts and financial statements to make the article more impressive. He was also known for his ability to explain complex financial concepts easily.

Now he has been arrested by the Russian government on the charge of spying. After being arrested, he denied all the spying charges against him.

Evan Gershkovich: Marital status of Wall Street Journal Reporter

Evan Gershkovich is very private in his personal life, so no information is available about his married life. Still, we don’t have any news about his wife or if he is married.

He has been living in Moscow since 2017 and working as a journalist, using press accreditation authorized by the Russian foreign ministry. Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, blamed him for using journalistic credentials for other activities apart from journalistic activity.

Evan Gershkovich: Family details

As we mentioned earlier that his married life is still now confirmed. Evan is a citizen of the United State. He was born and brought the Princeton, New Jersey, while his parents originated from the Soviet Union.

Now Evan Gershkovich is 31 years old, and he was born in 1992. In 2010 he completed his school education at Princeton High School.

Netizen’s reaction after the arrest of Evan Gershkovich :

Evan Gershkovich

Source: The Mirror

Syed Fazal Abbas

At this time, life has been made difficult for journalists all over the world. Several groups have been formed in journalism, some are professional journalists who are commendable. Some do journalism to earn wealth, some do journalism for fame and some do journalism to whiten their blackness. Russia has a right to investigate, but an investigation based on the truth.

Justin Mathews

Any foreigner from a NATO country is at risk of this accusation whether it be true or false. Evidence will be created if they need evidence. Working there is inherently risky and no amount of time, money or legal support will help. Sadly he’s just become a pawn in the big game.

Aziz Ur Rehman Musakhail

I share the Wall Street Journal’s deep concern for the safety of Evan Gershkovich, and I urge those responsible for his current situation to release him immediately. I call on all parties involved to respect his rights as a journalist and to ensure his safety and well-being

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