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Lockdown at Dunbar High School Due to Active Shooter Threat”

Dunbar High School Goes on Lockdown

Our kids’ safety is always our priority, and Dunbar High School does not take any risks. The school was placed on lockdown on Thursday morning due to a social media threat of an active shooter. While Principal Carl Burnside confirmed that the social media meme is false and that children are secure, the school is taking extra precautions as the Fort Myers Police Department looks into the threat.

Dunbar High School Goes on Lockdown1

Lockdown at Dunbar High School:

At about 9:30 a.m., the Fort Myers Police Department issued a tense message. It was said that they were investigating a threat sent to them through SMS. The young people’s parents and guardians were probably checking their phones for updates while the school was put on lockdown as a precaution. Finally, around 10 a.m., the lockdown was lifted.

Authorities made a point of stating that the investigation into the fake threat was still ongoing. It gives one hope that the rules consider the security and welfare of the staff and students. But it’s disturbing that specific individuals would go to such lengths to sow discord and fear.

This email informs you that a social media meme about a shooter at Dunbar High School is now trending. Your kid is secure, and this is not the case. The lockdown has been imposed as the Fort Myers Police Department looks into the origins of this meme. I’ll let you know as soon as further details are available.

Officer Declaration:

The police take this situation seriously and have a significant presence on campus to guarantee everyone’s safety. We applaud the school and law enforcement for responding swiftly and aggressively to keep our children safe during this difficult time.

The fact that no one knows who made the threat is nevertheless worrisome. The meme spread from student to student by airdrop, making tracking difficult. “There is no record of the airdrops.” So, being unable to identify where the data originated from or move them from one phone to another may be challenging,” Wireless Paradise’s Mike Chandler explained. Ronnie Turner, a phone guru, concurs. He claims that people may give their names anything they like. “When you transmit something, it sends as the name of the gadget you constructed.”

Chandler opted to investigate after our conversation, sending himself an airdrop and opening it on his laptop. He was able to determine the manufacturer and model of the camera. He believes FMPD can do better if he can find it out. “I know they have many more tools than the general public.”

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