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How did Sadao Iizuka die? optical animator Passed away at 88, Cause of death Explained.

How did Sadao Iizuka die? optical animator Passed away at 88, Cause of death Explained.
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Sadao Iizuka was a legendary director of special effects, visual effects artist, and novelist. Unexpectedly, he passed away.

Who was Sadao Iizuka?

Sadao Iizuka, born on December 26, 1934, worked part-time at Toho in 1954 in the tokusatsu department. In addition to his work on the optical effects for The Mysterians, he also contributed to Godzilla Raids Again (1955), Half Human (1955), and Rodan (1956).

He was responsible for several effects during the 1960s, including the stop-motion animation of King Kong vs Godzilla (1962) and Ghidrah the Three-Headed Monster depicting King Ghidorah’s fiery birth (1964).

Iizuka beam effects contributed significantly to showa-era tokusatsu, but he left Toho in the 1960s to found Den Film Effect, which would eventually become known as Den Film Effect. Iizuka’s nickname was Den-san.

In 1957, Iizuka Tadao was suggested for direct optical animation by Eiji Tsuburaya, the “Father of Ultraman.” He has contributed to Toho’s success with special effects.

He also lights several iconic characters, such as Altman’s Spaceum light and the eight-point light wheel. Sadao established it after Eiji Tsuburaya passed away.

He was awarded the Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs Film Award for his long-term contributions to special effects. IT Home said Iizuka Sadao was also responsible for optical animation for the new film “New Ultraman” (2022).

Sadao Iizuka Cause of Death?

We regret to inform you that Sadao Iizuka has passed away. Sadao Iizuka had a friendly personality. With the recent news regarding Sadao Iizuka, many people must be curious about his cause of death.

Mr Sadao, an optical animation artist who worked on several special effects projects, passed away on March 24 due to aspiration pneumonia after being hospitalized in January.

Lizuka has worked on a wide range of tokusatsu projects throughout his career, from the original Gojira to the next Shin Ultraman movie. Despite his ingenuity and commitment, his legacy is unmatched.

He has made huge contributions to the tokusatsu genre by creating works for Toho, TsuPro, Daiei and Toei. Iizuka’s skill and inventive methods have forever changed the industry, not only in Japan but globally as well.

Tributes to Sadao

Many people expressed their deep sympathies to his family and how much they loved him. Fans and supporters of his have been upset by this news.

Austin tweeted –

I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of a true legend. Sadao Iizuka invented all those crazy lasers, death, antennae rays, etc., that so many Kaiju, from Godzilla to Ultraman to King Ghidorah to many others, used! 

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