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Who is Annapriya Johnson? Know more about Baiju Raju Wife’s Affair Tojo Mathew

Annapriya Johnson
Source: Facebook

Baiju Raju, the husband of Annapriya Johnson, committed suicide on March 27, 2023. Now people are wanted to know more about Baiju Raju and his wife, Annapriya Johnson, keep reading this article to know more about this incident.

Annapriya Johnson

Source: Facebook

Baiju Raju has been a senior IT analyst working in New Zealand since November 2021. He has a daughter and a wife, lived a normal married life for the last 11 years. Raju took his own life after suffering mental pressure; he was a resident of Auckland, New Zealand.

In today’s time, many people suffer from mental health, and even if they are unaware of this, this suicide incident is also a reminder that we need to recognise these people and provide assistance when necessary.

Suicide is not the solution to any problem; some is always alive with a bright future.

Know more about Annapriya Johnson :

After committing suicide by Baiju Raju, Annapriya Johnson from New Zealand is in the media limelight. She has worked as a nurse in New Zealand for many years.

The Couple tied the knot on 16th January 2012 and has been married for over a decade.

The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, a few years ago and lived like a normal couple. Annupriya is a professional nurse working in New Zealand. The name of Annapriya’s brother is Geevarghese Johnson, and their mother is Elsy Johnson.

He lives a very low-profile life, so there are very few who know about her professional as well her personal life. Now many people are raising the question about her loyalty and character.

Annapriya Affiar with Tojo Mahtew:

After suffering many mental traumas, Raju died on March 24, 2023. All this happened due to his wife’s extramarital affair with Tojo Mathew.

Before committing suicide, Baiju posted a video on his Facebook profile. She talked about his wife’s cheating and betrayal in the video. Raju also talked about his wife and her family, who provoked him to suicide.

Annapriya Johnson

Source: Facebook

In the video, Raju said that his Anuupriya and her family had taken his property, and she also had an affair with another man. He further said that he had only one hope to live with his daughter, and after losing his hope, he committed suicide.

According to Baiju Raju, Tojo Mathew also married another woman and the both are in an illicit affair. He told in the video that his wife and her family were responsible for his death.

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