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The woman who claims to be Madeleine McCann plans to sue her mother

madeleine mccann
Source: The Sun

21-year-old Polish woman Julia Wendell came into the highlight after claiming to himself as missing Madeleine McCann. In a recent interview with, she announced her plan to sue her mother.

madeleine mccann

Source: LBC

Earlier, Julia Wendell claimed that she might be the missing Madeleine McCann. After this announcement, her mother addressed the media and said she had mental health issues. She also asked Julia to stop her lies and manipulation. 

In response, Julia Wendell is ready to sue defamation charges against her mother. Wendell’s private investigator Dr Fia Johansson, who also participated with Julia in the interview, said, “Whatever she said, as she’s ill, she has a mental health condition, she needs to go to the hospital. So, that’s the defamation and we need to figure it out … where she came from,” 

Dr Johannson further added, “We have no other choices [than] to take legal action when we are deciding to go forward in the investigation, Johannson added. “We will continue to dig into and figure out who she is, what she’s hiding, and why she’s hiding,”

Wendell alleges that a German molester was also suspected in McCann’s abduction. Julia also said that she and McCann have the same eye defect, as well as her face, which matches with McCann’s parents.

Julia claimed that she had no memory of her childhood and said that she found inconsistencies in what her parents told her about her childhood. 

Julia said in the interview, “The memories are very blurry, and when I talked about them with my parents, things didn’t match up. They always tried to change the subject; teacher at school said that I didn’t always attend school, but my parents insist that I did.” 

Public reaction to this intriguing case

madeleine mccann

Source: News24

Tracey Leanne Rawlinson

If not, and we don’t speak out then children won’t find truth.

But unfortunately there are social bullies. Ignore them. Find your truth

Ann Wilkinson

I hope that the DNA tells this young woman definitely who she is and where she is from even if it turns out that she is Julia or someone else or Madeleine it’s not for anyone to comment till the irrefutable DNA results are done by an independent lab till then no one knows 100%

Suri Matharu

She is not madeleine mccann.. The poor little girl has probably died a long time ago and its not fair on the maccann family to here these lies.. Sorry but that’s probably the truth..

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